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Prior to renovation, the lobby of One Midtown Plaza was a dark, cavernous space lacking presence on Peachtree Street. A product of the 1980s, when dark red granite was extremely fashionable in the United States, the lobby brooded in its own shadow, receding from the street. The west entrance of the lobby was awkwardly connected to the parking deck and lacked connection with Two Midtown Plaza, the second building in the complex. The renovated lobby of One Midtown Plaza presents a new personality to Peachtree Street that is generous, open and inviting. The sparkling white interior is a complete reversal of the somber character of the original lobby space. C78, the grand chandelier, fairly dances through the space, eager to be on its way. Daylight accentuates every surface. C78 can best be described as a vector array interrupted in its trajectory. C78 consists of 14 clusters of 293 vectors, 29 orbs, 586 space coordinates, 1 parasitic eggoid, 1 oculus, 615 tethers and 783 digital transformations. C78 and the lobby space are simply lit by 52 recessed down-lights. Light plays randomly along the lengths of the painted steel vectors. The hand-blown glass orbs capture light from the same down-lights adding sparkle to the chandelier. View more View full description
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