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A suite of small interlinked courtyards creates a complex playing space. As in entering a walled enclosure, the building looks permeable from the interior and opaque from its urban context. The idea of creating an introverted perimeter construction capable of housing a complex interior space has much to do with a protective attitude but is also reinforced by the small dimensions of the plot, leading the heart of the star shaped courtyard to accommodate the sports zone and to partially make the most of the permitted (ground floor + 2), while creating a series of concatenated open spaces at different heights to counteract the limitations of the plot. The result is that, when crossing the perimeter shell, the pupils find themselves in a surprising central space where a set of acronyms at different heights help to understand the interior of the school as a single multiform yard extending over the different floors, configuring a great collection of relationship spaces at different heights. A three-dimensional organization chart built from reinforced concrete, where each classroom or workshop occupies a differentiated volume, allows the acronyms to be seen from the entire yard. A single material builds the structure and the enclosure, permitting a considerable increase in façade surfaces while minimizing construction and maintenance costs. View more View full description
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