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The Urban Context: Haifa is the main northern city of Israel, situated on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, on the slops of Mount Carmel. The building site is located at Haifa’s downtown area, between two roads that define its boundary. The lower avenue serves as a main city thoroughfare, linking the city of Haifa to the northern part of Israel. The topographical situation is unique as the topographical soaring of Mount Carmel begins at the site’s longitude parallel. As a result, the building’s positioning is “double faced,” i.e., one side facing the mountain and the other facing the sea. The structure has two public entrances. The main entrance leads from the urban square in the west directly to the upper entrance level. The secondary entrance from the urban square on the eastern side of the structure leads to the lower entrance level. The building’s entrance square from the west is a meeting point of main urban pedestrian routes. View more View full description
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