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“There is a crudeness in Portuguese fairy tails, they are de best” – Paula Rego. There is also crudeness in Portuguese popular architecture, reaffirmed by this work. Located half hill there was a house to reuse. The addition of a living / dining room and a kitchen was made extending the silhouette along the horizontal lines of ridge and eaves. The floor was articulated on several landings, following the natural grades, and allowing a grand interior dimension on the living / kitchen area. The archetypal of “casa alentejana” is rebuilt with the actual comfort standards. The old kitchen and living gave space to two new bedrooms and a clear distinction between day and night in the house use. The subtlety of the project is in the reuse of the kitchen and living chimneys, delicately transformed in skylights, with light and natural ventilation of the showers. The opening of vertical dark windows – doors makes a regular rhythm in the white plain of terrace façade. View more View full description
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