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Hydrogen House is a series of house prototypes and suburban planning strategies for the Hilltop neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. Advocating a shift from a corporate fuel economy to a grassroots one, the project uses hydrogen fuel cells to link the design of domestic environments to ambitions for suburban development. Follow the break for more drawings of Hydrogen House. Architects: !ndie Architecture Location: Denver, Colorado, USA Because hydrogen fuel can be manufactured in the home and used to power both houses and cars, it is a viable and politically intriguing alternative to oil. The ability to make and sell fuel on site enables the suburban home to entrepreneurially participate in an emerging energy economy (10 major car manufacturers have hydrogen fuel cell cars in production). HF does not require the heavy, multinational infrastructure needed to produce and distribute gasoline—it can be made in small quantities by individuals and small collectives. It provokes a move from corporate to local, from centralized to dispersed. View more View full description
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