Angola Central Highlands University / XV Studio

Courtesy XV Studio

The Barcelona architecture firm XV Studio has shared with us their proposal for the new Central Highlands University, where they were a part of the four team short list for the international competition. Proposal images and the architects description after the break.

Alpha Project / XVSTUDIO

Courtesy of XVSTUDIO

XVSTUDIO () shared with us their Alpha Project, which won an international competition for a mixed-used development in , Qatar.

More images and architect’s description after the break.

Melaku Center / xvstudio

09Our friend Xavier Vilalta from Barcelona-based xvstudio sent us his new project: the Melaku Center. The Melaku Center will be new center of learning, working and projection for the inhabitants of Mek’ele, capital of the Tigray, a region of the north of .

The Melaku Center will be a reference model of sustainable development in Africa, from the design of the buildings to the program itself. The whole project will be a ecosystem of knowlegde, development and natural resources.

A common parameter in the traditional African architecture is the use of the fractal scale: small parts of the structure tend to be similar to the bigger ones, for example, the circular villages are made of circular houses. More description and images after the break.