Grenswerk Poppodium / van Dongen-Koschuch

© Allard van der Hoek

Architects: van Dongen-Koschuch
Location: Peperstraat 10, 5911 HA , The
Architect In Charge: Frits van Dongen, Patrick Koschuch
Design Team: H.Fekry, Henk de Haas, Jeroen Kreijne, Raul Forsoni, Gianna Bottema
Constructor: ABT, Delft
Area: 2500.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Allard van der Hoek

The North Rhine-Westphalia Contribution–Floriade 2012 / RMP Stephan Lenzen Landschaftsarchitekten

© Thomas Mayer

Architects: RMP Stephan Lenzen Landschaftsarchitekten
Location: , The
Architect In Charge: Johannes Czerniejewski, Katharina Thoma, Jean Müller, Joachim Evers
Design Team: Architekturbüro Rhunau, jangled nerves gmbh, Schraps & Vogel Garten- und Landschaftsbau GmbH, Grote Bedachungen, Lohmann GmbH, Reko Automatiktüren GmbH
Cooperation: Rhunau Architekten
Area: 2450.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Thomas Mayer, Courtesy of RMP Stephan Lenzen Landschaftsarchitekten

Architectural Photography: Floriade 2012 World Horticultural Expo / Thomas Mayer

The Innovatoren | © Thomas Mayer

From now until October 7th, the southeastern Netherlands city of will be hosting the Floriade 2012 World Horticultural Expo. Covering 66 hectares, the expo invite visitors to experience nature in a variety of ways through the creation of five unique themed worlds. Wandering through wooded areas, the visitors discover each world and all they have to offer.

Swiss architectural photographer Thomas Mayer has shared with us images of unique pavilions and structures found throughout the expo. Each innovative pavilion is meant to educate and inspire. Continue after the break to view the 2012 pavilions.