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Kickstarter: Fresh Punches //// Experimental Architecture Prototypes

Courtesy of suckerPUNCH
Courtesy of suckerPUNCH

Help kick start the suckerPUNCH + land of tomorrow exhibition that will feature twenty student projects from around the United States that explore the possibilities of fabrication and material experimentation at the start of the 21st century. Slated for Fall 2012, this exhibition will have it all – “transmogrifications, strange sensations, primal textures, unfamiliar geometries, self-propagating architectural species, augmented atmospherics, vicissitudinous juxtapositions, reinvented building typologies, sensual pleated skins, a crisis or two, physiologically responsive interfaces, threshold blurring gizmos, and plenty of robots”. If funding is successful, this exhibition will provide the rare opportunity to display the exploration and research from multiple U.S. architecture schools in one location. The three top projects will have prototypes fabricated by Drura Parrish at PR&vD. Support this project here. Continue reading for more information. 

Williamsburg Waterfront Performance Venue International Competition

This open international ideas competition is for the integrated design of an innovative music venue in the East River State Park located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The new park is the site of the ‘Jelly Pool Parties’ summer concert series which brings 10,000 fans to the site on sunday afternoons to enjoy free performances by progressive independent artists. SuckerPUNCH challenges designers to develop a network of stages and facilities which can accommodate and enhance these performances through a progressive design strategy. For more information on submission, requirements, jury, awards and schedule, visit the competition’s official website. (remember we told you about “another” competition on this same park a month ago?)

Fort Tilden Field House Competition winners announced

suckerPUNCH announced the winners of their second international open ideas competition for the Fort Tilden Field House in Queen, New York. See all the winners after the break.

Lavender Lake Competition winners announced

Winners have been recently announced for the Lavender Lake art factory competition sponsored by suckerPUNCH. This competition proposed a new artists factory for the “public space” site of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, New York. The proposals were designed to both foster creative production and attract visitors to the factory and neighborhood. The factory will contain private/shared art studios, a storefront gallery/bar, analog/digital shops, and live/work spaces for rotating artists in residence. Pablo Esteban Zamorano and Marcos Cárdenas from Santiago, Chile won the competition with their proposal “Water Fields”. See the winners and honorable mentions after the break.