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KOSHO / Studiometrico

09:00 - 11 September, 2010
© Studiometrico
© Studiometrico

New York’s Sukkah City competition was a great success, as both the winning entries and the other proposals developed creative and thoughtful spaces.  Check out Studiometrico’s proposal for the competition which is more of a do-it-yourself sukkah.  People can build their own space using a triangular module that folds over itself to provide a sheltered condition.  Interested in the actual construction of the sukkah, the studio built a 1:1 scale prototype to test its feasibility and decided to present the idea to the Citizens of New York by telling the story of how it was built once upon a time, in a hypothetical place, by three imaginary boys.

More images and information about the sukkah, including a short video after the break.

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