Cube House / Studio Schiattarella

© Luigi Filetici

Located in ’s ‘Olympic Village’, the ‘Cube House’ is laid out as a single unit in which a central element, in the form of a cube, divides and distributes its various functional areas without any interruptions: living, sleeping, cooking and bathing. Designed by Studio Schiattarella, their renovation in the original 49 m2 apartment is designed in a way that all the internal partitions could be eliminated, resulting in the formation of a single open space measuring 7m x 7m. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Celebration Hall of Riyadh / Studio Schiattarella

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Conjugating innovation and tradition, the first prize winning proposal for the Celebration Hall of by Studio Schiattarella, in collaboration with Tecturae, aims at adhering to the specific route adopted by the Saudi culture. The building appears to be the requirement currently expressed globally and each culture develops it in its own fashion. More images and architects’ description after the break.