Regional Labor Court / Corsi Hirano Arquitetos + Reinaldo Nishimura

© Nelson Kon

Architects: Corsi Hirano Arquitetos , Reinaldo Nishimura
Location: Goiânia – Goiás,
Project Leaders: , Dani Hirano e Reinaldo Nishimura (autores)
Competition Team: Laura Paes Barretto Pardo e Liana Paula Perez de Oliveira
Executive Project Team: Sérgio Matera, Thaís Velasco, Andrea Key Abe, Taís Lie Okano, Renato Borba e Pamella Porto Kaninski
Project Area: 85000 sqm
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Nelson Kon

Global House / Daniel Corsi, André Biselli Sauaia, Daniel Fonseca, Reinaldo Nishimura, Victor Paixão

exterior view

No walls, no columns, no ground, no boundaries, no limits…just pure space, and the never-ending possibilities that nature’s man linked to man’s nature offer to the whole world of living experience. The Global House, designed by Daniel Corsi, , Daniel Fonseca, Reinaldo Nishimura, and , reveals itself as a living being, related to man through the most fluid way, where neither one is a stranger to each other and new forms of spatial relations are generated: a house as an interface that interacts with the human – physical/mental – necessities and desires, as it also acts by its own condition of a vital organism. More images and the team’s description after the break.