El Blok / FUSTER + Architects

© Dianne Puliza

Location: Vieques,
Design Team: Nataniel Fúster, George Stewart, Heather Crichfield, Sadie Winslow, Eric Barrios, Luis R. Albaladejo, Jose Pagán
Area: 2211.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Dianne Puliza, Jaime Navarro, Simon Chaput, Nataniel Fuster

GELM Annex / Díaz Paunetto Arquitectos

Courtesy of

Architects: Díaz Paunetto Arquitectos
Location: Corozal,
Architect In Charge: Víctor Díaz Paunetto
Project Area: 256.0 m2
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of Díaz Paunetto Arquitectos

Smart Tasting Prototype / Think Big Factory

Think Big Factory, together with the Basque Culinary Center and Fagor Electrodomésticos, shared with us their development of the Smart Tasting prototype. The prototype integrates the Internet of Things concept into the tasting experience, mixing food with technology. Generating a real-time connection between chefs and customers, connections will be created that explain the most interesting parts of the process to people who are tasting the dishes and vice versa. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Casa Mar / Coleman-Davis Pagan Arquitectos

© José Fernando Vázquez Pérez

Architects: Coleman-Davis Pagan Arquitectos 
Location: Ocean Park, San Juan,
Design Team: Jose R. Coleman-Davis Pagán, Ariel Santiago Bermudez, Pedro J. Santa Rivera, Víctor Nieto Villalón, Yadira Adorno Pomales, Francisco Rivera Rodríguez, Edgardo D. Ocasio Roig, Yanitza Maldonado González
Interior Designer: BASICO (Jean Pierre Santoni)
Photographs: José Fernando Vázquez Pérez


Natatorio / Fuster + Partners Architects

Courtesy of Architects

Architect: FUSTER + Partners Architects
Location: , Puerto Rico
Project team: Nataniel Fúster, George S. Stewart, Heather Crichfield, Sadie Winslow, Eric Barrios, Carlos Córdoba; Juan Ayguabibas, consultant
Owner: AFI (Autoridad del Financiamiento de la Infraestructura).
Starting date: dec. 2007; Completion date: Feb. 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of FUSTER + Partners Architects


University of Puerto Rico General Studies Building / Toro Ferrer Arquitectos

© Raquel Pérez Puig

Architects: Toro Ferrer Arquitectos
Location: , Puerto Rico
Client: University Of Puerto Rico
Project area: 55,000 sq. ft.
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Raquel Pérez Puig

AirMaster Gallery / Urbana

Courtesy of

Galería AirMaster, located in the Puerto Nuevo Design District of San Juan, is the flagship store for the AirMaster brand. AirMaster is Puerto Rico’s largest and oldest producer of aluminum windows and doors, and a local curtain-wall specialist. This adaptive reuse project recycled 85% of the previous structure’s building envelope, and 92% of its total and steel. Follow the break for photographs and drawings of this office building.

Architects: Urbana, CSP
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Design Team: José Fernando Vázquez Pérez, AIA, Rafael Castro Montes de Oca, AIA, Yalmary Tirado López, Carlos Cruz Ortiz, Luis Cruz de la Paz, Carol Lora
Structure: José Miguel Ortiz
Mechanical: Rafael Parés, PE
Electrical: Carlos Requena, PE
Ilumination: Gianluca Picardi
Graphic Design: Sofía Saéz
Contractor: Hambleton Group
Parking: Julio Padín
Landscape: Olga Rubí
Signage: Sign Engineering
Water Features: Jesús Sánchez
Photographs: José Fernando Vázquez-Pérez and Kenneth Rexach

Casa Delpin / Fuster + Partners Architects


Architects: Nataniel Fúster/ FUSTER + Partners Architects
Location: Miramar,
Design team: Nataniel Fúster, George Stewart, Angel Rodriguez
Program: House Refurbishment
Client: Carlos y Eneida Delpin
Contractors: Julio vega, Marcelino Mojica
Structural Engineer: Luis Daza
Budget: US 400,000
Project year: 2006

Private library / ERERAS Arquitectos

Architect: Arquitectos / Eugenio Ramirez Ballagas, Ernesto Rodriguez Matos & Arnaldo Sanchez Nuñez
Location: San Juan,
Architects in Charge: Eugenio Ramirez & Ernesto Rodriguez
Collaborators: Alba Guzman, Edgardo Rivera
Structural Engineering: Hector Gonzalez, P.S.C.
Client: Mayra Santos Febres – puertorrican writer
Constructed Area: 139.3 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: ERERAS

San Pablo / URBANA

Architects: URBANAJosé Fernando Vázquez-Pérez & Rafael Castro Montes de Oca
Location: Río Piedras, , Puerto Rico
Project Team: Carlos Cruz-Ortiz, Luis Cruz de la Paz, Yalmari Tirado-López, Miguel Moreno
Contractor: Sharp Construction, S.E.
Electrical Engineering: Carlos Requena, PE, Requena & Asociados
Structural Engineering: Carlos Lázaro-León, PE, Lázaro & Gandía Consultores
Mechanical Engineering: Francisco Maté, PE, Maté & Asociados
Project year: 2007-2009
Photographs: José Fernando Vázquez-Pérez

1504 Roosevelt Avenue / RSVP

Our friends from RSVP shared with ous a project in , , where a successful advertising agency wants to expand its current facilities on their present site in ’s Roosevelt Avenue, where surrounding buildings have also undergone a process of urban densification.

More images and architect’s description, after the break.

Alhambra House / URBANA

Architects: URBANAJosé Fernando Vázquez-Pérez & Rafael Castro Montes de Oca
Location: Guaynabo,
Project Team: Carlos Cruz-Ortiz, Marcelo López-Dinardi, Luis Cruz de la Paz, Alex Hernández
Contractor: Pascual Ribas
Electrical Engineering: Gisela Pérez
Structural Engineering: José M. Green
Mechanical Engineering: Raúl Torres
Project year: 2005-2006
Site Area: 1,120 sqm
Constructed Area: 253 sqm
Photographs: José Fernando Vázquez-Pérez