Public Art Sculpture Mirage / Paul Raff Studio

© Cassandra Hryniw

Internationally acclaimed artist and architect Paul Raff just unveiled a permanent sculpture at the opening of the Waterfront Underpass Park on August 2. Suspended overhead of pedestrians, large scale mirror-like surfaces create an illusory appearance, which bends light rays to produce a displaced image much like a mirage.  More images and architects’ description after the break.

Bluepoint Sales Pavilion / Paul Raff Studio


Located in Phuket, , Paul Studio Architects provides a space for potential clients to enjoy the surrounding views.  The elegant wooden structure gracefully compliments the landscape by “responding to the powerful contextual site conditions.”

More about the residence after the break.

Cascade House / Paul Raff Studio

Nestled among the Forest Hill neighborhood in Paul Raff Studio‘s latest sustainable residence is “a marriage of environmentally responsible building strategies and elegant architectural composition.”  The 353m2 residence, entitled the Cascade House, is designed in an I-formation around an outdoor swimming pool and offers a high quality of aesthetics in addition to environmentally friendly strategies.

More about the home after the break.