Novo Mesto Central Market Competition Entry / Enota

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Situated in the very center of the historical town core, the central market feels somewhat removed today, being separated by its level and oriented towards the low-quality city space of Florjanov Square. Therefore, one of the basic guidelines for locating the new central market into the space must be to create the best possible entrance from the main square. Designed by Enota, the backbone of the new central market is formed by the covered Market Street, which lies on the level of main city square and connects the two spots closest to it on both access streets.

House MJ / kombinat.

© Matjaž Tančič & Klemen Ilovar

Architects: kombinat.
Location: ,
Design Team: Tomaž Čeligoj, Ana Grk, Blaž Kandus, Alenka Korenjak, Tina Rugelj, Tjaša Mavrič
Area: 247.11 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Matjaž Tančič & Klemen Ilovar

Sports Center Stopiče / Jereb in Budja arhitekti

© Blaž Budja

Architects: Jereb in Budja arhitekti / Rok Jereb, Blaž Budja
Location: , Slovenia
Project Team: Rok Jereb, Blaž Budja, Petra Cegnar, Sara Zorzut, Tadeja Božičnik, Nina Majoranc, Ana Križaj
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 2,350 sqm
Photographs: Blaž Budja