La Tratto Santa Lucía / DOX Arquitectos

© David Emir Cervera Castro

Architects: DOX Arquitectos
Location: , Yucatan, Mexico
Architect In Charge: Xavier Eduardo Salas Hernandez, David Emir Cervera Castro
Collaborators: Sandra Shantal Mézquita Hoyos, Abraham de Jesús Basto Tello
Area: 383 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: David Emir Cervera Castro

VIA Corporativo / Guillot Arquitectos

Courtesy of Guillot Arquitectos

Architects: Guillot Arquitectos
Location: Libertad, , Baja California,
Area: 22,670 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Guillot Arquitectos, Stefan Falke

MIRA / Dionne Arquitectos + Metarquitectura + JAR Jaspeado Arquitectos + Adaptable

Courtesy of Dionne Arquitectos

Architects: Dionne Arquitectos + Metarquitectura + JAR Jaspeado Arquitectos + Adaptable
Location: Concepción Guadalupe, Puebla, Mexico
Design Team: Fred Dionne, Ezequiel Aguilar, Rodrigo Jaspeado, Armando Reyes
Area: 1,600 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of Dionne Arquitectos, Patrick López Jaimes

Hegel 516 / FRB Arquitectura

© Kika Studio

Architects: FRB Arquitectura
Location: Polanco, City, Federal District,
Architect In Charge:
Area: 1,400 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Kika Studio, Jorge Hernandez de la Garza

MEXTRÓPOLI: The First International Festival of Architecture & the City

Building upon its 15 years of experience, the Arquine Conference presents MEXTRÓPOLI, a festival that will position as an epicenter of architecture and a leader in creative transformation.

MEXTRÓPOLI is a critical project that will encourage and promote culture, urban regeneration, and the artistic heritage of city.

MEXTRÓPOLI will host over 30 academic, cultural and tourist activities, held principally in the historic center of the city.

MEXTRÓPOLI invites the public to connect to the city in six different ways:

Campus University City / Lavalle + Peniche Arquitectos, Jorge Bolio Arquitectura, Plataforma Arquitectura Integral

© Vincent Ros

Architects: Jorge Bolio Arquitectura, Lavalle + Peniche Arquitectos, Plataforma Arquitectura Integral
Location: Merida, Yucatan,
Design Team: Luis Peniche, Jose Carlos Lavalle, Jorge Bolio, Miguel Barbosa, Armando Ruz
Project Area: 8500.0 m2
Project Year: 2013
Photography: Vincent Ros

Cumbres House / Taller Hector Barroso

© Yoshihiro Koitani

Architects: Taller Hector Barroso
Location: Federal District,
Architect In Charge: Hector Barroso
Collaborators: Alejandro Cortina, Rafael Montiel, Flavio Velazco
Area: 635.0 sqm
Year: 2011
Photography: Yoshihiro Koitani

Museo Soumaya / FR-EE / Fernando Romero Enterprise

© Rafael Gamo

Architects: FR-EE / Fernando Romero Enterprise
Location: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 303, Ampliación Granada, Miguel Hidalgo, 11529 , Federal District,
Architect In Charge: Fernando Romero, Mauricio Ceballos
Area: 17000.0 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Rafael Gamo, Adam Weisman, Raul Soria

Casa del Bosque / Taller|A arquitectos

© Luis Gordoa

Location: , Morelos, Mexico
Architect In Charge: Dante Di Lorenzo
Area: 400.0 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Luis Gordoa

Jaime GarcíaTerrés Library / arquitectura 911sc

© Moritz Bernoully

Architects: arquitectura 911sc
Location: , D.F., Mexico
Project Leaders: Jose Castillo, Saidee Springall
Design Team: Ricardo García Santander
Area: 170 sqm
Photographs: Moritz Bernoully, Jaime Navarro

SOGA – Sounds of Gaia / casaPública

© Rafael Gamo

Architects: casaPública
Location: , Morelos, Mexico
Architect In Charge: Pamela Moreno Caballero, Patricio Guerrero
Area: 1,500 sqm
Photographs: Rafael Gamo

Pabellon-S / Taller Diez 05

© Luis Gordoa

Location: , Veracruz, Mexico
Architect In Charge: Manuel Herrera Gil
Collaborators: Luis Enrique Alvarez, Eder Ferreira, Francisco Dorado
Area: 55 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Luis Gordoa

Las Cruces Lookout Point / ELEMENTAL

© Iwan Baan

Architects: ELEMENTAL
Location: Jalisco,
Design Team: Alejandro Aravena, Diego Torres, Víctor Oddó
Area: 148.0 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Iwan Baan

Estar House / REC Arquitectura

© Yoshihiro Koitani

Architects: REC Arquitectura
Location: State of ,
Design Team: Gustavo Lira, Domingo Granados, Jonathan Tapia, Jesus Mondragón, María J. Jimenez, Ivan Recoder, Gerardo Recoder
Project Area: 415 sqm
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Yoshihiro Koitani

Sayavedra House / Taller de Arquitectura-Mauricio Rocha

Courtesy of Taller De Arquitectura- Mauricio Rocha

Architects: Taller de Arquitectura-Mauricio Rocha
Architect In Charge: Mauricio Rocha, Arturo Mera Ortiz, Gabriela Carrillo Valadez
Collaborators: Carolina Velasco
Constructor: Muzquiz y Asociados S.A. de C.V.
Area: 225.0 sqm
Year: 2006
Photographs: Courtesy of Taller De Arquitectura- Mauricio Rocha

Harvest Elementary School / Zendejas Arquitectos + Marván Arquitectos + Martinez Arquitecto

© Yoshihiro Koitani

Architects: Zendejas Arquitectos + Marván Arquitectos + Martinez Arquitecto
Location: Calle Francisco Alcocer Pozo, Candiles, Querétaro, Mexico
Architect In Charge: Jose Zendejas Hernandez, Francisco Marvàn Carmona, Rodrigo Marvàn Cuevas, Wilfrido Martinez De León
Collaborators: Jose Zendejas Foyo, Juan Pablo Soto Martìnez, Claudia Tapia Melèndez, Karlo Ivàn Trejo Lòpez
Area: 1,006 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Yoshihiro Koitani

Mexico & Swizterland in Tug-of-War Over Luis Barragán Archive

Gilardi House. Image © Flickr user, Elena_mch

Mexico, Switzerland and their constituent art collectors are in a tug-of-war over the coveted professional archive of late, famed hero Luis Barragán – considered one of Mexico’s greatest architects. After his death, the heads of the Swiss furniture company, Vitra, bought a collection of Barragán’s personal designs and images, leaving those in Mexico puzzled as to why the archive ever left the country from which his work is rooted. “It would be as if the ‘rights’ for Frank Lloyd Wright or Louis Kahn were held and managed from another country, ruling over their work and limiting access to the American public.” Read the full article here, “Tug of War Stretches Architect’s Legacy“.

Salas Regionales del Golfo / Mauricio García Cué

© Luis Gordoa

Architects: Mauricio García Cué
Location: , Veracruz,
Architect In Charge: Mauricio García Cué, Christian Luce Dickinson, Carlos Albarrán Ríos
Area: 7,100 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Luis Gordoa