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Data Driven City / Mekano Studio

The new city, designed by Mekano Studio, will be a smart data city, a city driven with data, a city that can help each person to choose and decide, a City respects the human mind and gives him the option to take part in his own life as it must have to be. The data city is a city that administrates everything with a real time data, in order to evaluate and respect the time factor as well and to increase the productivity with a well organized community. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Seeds of Life / Mekano Studio

Courtesy Mekano Studio
Courtesy Mekano Studio

Mekano Studio has recently received an honorable mention in the eVolo 2011 skyscraper competition for their entry, Seeds of Life. Read more about the project in addition to additional images and project story boards after the break.