Competition Entry Proposes Colorful Duo of Museums for Budapest

Exterior of the Architecture Museum. Image © IaN+

Italian design firm IaN+ has put forth their vision for a pair of museums along the Dòzsa Gyorgy Boulevard in Budapest, Hungary for the Liget Budapest International Competition. Connected by a central foyer, the two exhibition spaces will be based on a common grid of structural concrete walls whose cells will form galleries. One of these museums will be devoted to photography, the other to architecture, and each building, while similar in appearance, is designed to best accommodate the work they will display.

Busan Opera House Competition Proposal / IaN+

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The design for the Opera House by IaN+ aims to define a plurality of relationships between different cultures, and, at the same time, to reflect on the value of the Opera House within the contemporary city. The result is a symbolic place representing the city of Busan, not through an icon, but through the image of the city itself which reflects and resolves, becoming thus a meeting point of urbanity and nature. The Opera House embodies the very idea of a public place: a place for cultural and social meeting and sharing. To observe this building means to observe the city, the nature surrounding it, the image of a nation and a culture. More images and architects’ description after the break.

National Museum of Afghanistan / IaN+

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Designed by IaN+, their proposal for the National Museum of aims at harmoniously making it a part of the horizon. They do so by blending with it rather than establishing a conflict in order to restore the relationship between the new, the old and the landscape. By carrying out a ‘fragmentation’ process, through the use and repetition of modular spaces, their combination creates a “space within the space”, letting visitors loose the perception of a coercing container space. More images and architects’ description after the break.

New Harbor Service Building / IaN+

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The proposal for the New Harbor Service building by IaN+ aims to define a simple and severe architecture. The project’s construction scheme reflects eastern philosophy; its clean aesthetic and unadorned simplicity, where structure turns into a decorative system clearly defining space. The grandeur of the complex will become the new symbol of the city and at the same time, these openings as large telescopes, frame the view from the city towards the sea and the infinite. More images and architects’ description after the break.