ArchDaily partners with Google for Google Nose BETA

High Line Park smells wet / Photo by Marcin Wichary /

Just to be clear.. this was after all our April Fools ;)

We know a good idea when we see it. That’s why as soon as we heard about Google Nose we decided to call our friends at and work something out between us. has the power to bring you the scent of food, animals, and all sort of things. But what about buildings? That’s where we come in.

You won’t have to travel to Sydney to smell the Opera House. Or fly thousands of miles to Pisa to catch the smell of “leaning”. Starting today, you will be able to smell every building in the world from your computer. So far, we’ve been trying with the following:

High Line Park on a rainy day (smells like wetness)
- Any of our AD Classics (smell old)
Kumutoto Toilets (smells like crustaceans… what were you thinking?)
Burj Khalifa (smells like gold)
Barbie Shanghai Store (smells like cotton candy)

We only have one problem. There are probably dozens… or even hundreds of buildings worldwide! So we do need your help. Prepare your noses and get out there. Smell those buildings and share your scents with us in the comments. We will do our best to replicate the smells and share them with the world.

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