Proscenium Trondheim / Point Supreme Architects + Gerousis + Hughes

Proscenium Trondheim

Last year, we shared the results of Europan 10 with you - a biennial competition asking architects for innovative housing solutions for European sites.  For 2011, the competition’s objective is to promote awareness about the environment and how we occupy the natural world.  We’ve been covering the 2011 proposals, such as Europan Norway 2011, and today, we share an update on the progress of the Europan Norway 2010 winning scheme.   After winning the Europan for Trondheim NorwayPoint Supreme Architects, Alexandros Gerousis and , have recently completed the second phase of the concept design and are preparing for the project to be realized.     Recently,  the project was identified as a pilot project for the Norwegian government’s ‘Cities of the Future’ program – currently one of only 6 in Norway and the second in Trondheim.  The project will serve as an example of environmentally sustainable design strategies combined with innovative architecture – reflecting the ambitions and principles of Svartlamoen which has also been regulated as an eco-urban testing ground.

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Parklife / Arrhov Frick

Courtesy of Arrhov Frick

Stockholm-based Arrhov Frick received 1st Prize in 10 for their project “Parklife”, a park, hotel and spa in , Sweden. More images and architect’s description after the break.

Europan 10 Winning Project / P2P 39’27’45,29’’N8º2830.03’’W

Pedro Dias, João Matos, and Hugo Santos Silva are the architects of one of the winners of the Europan 10 Architecture Competition. Their project, “P2P 39’27’45,29’’N 8º2830.03’’W” is located in , .

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Town hall of Gembloux / demogo

Italy-based demogo studio di architettura was one of the winners of the 10 Architecture Competition. Their project, Town Hall of Gembloux is located in Belgium (Between Bruxelles and Namur), in a city of 22,600 inhabitants.

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“Eurovisions”, an exhibition by Fantastic Norway

The exhibition ”Eurovisions”, designed by Fantastic Norway, features the winners of 10.  It recently opened at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture in Oslo.

“Eurovisions” consists of a vast number of hovering cityscape profiles, portraying the three current Europan sites. Together the silhouettes create a vast graphical landscape, creating a pseudo-3D or “two-and-a-half-dimensional” effect as you walking through it. This technique was widely used in early Disney movies (as well as in classic theatre scenography) to create the sensation of depth and movement through 2 dimensional drawings.

Runner up – and winner projects were exposed at the back of these silhouettes. In addition to this the exhibition features an educational area where information, facts and models of the Europan cities are exposed. Projected onto the walls, fake TV-news clips (set in a not to distant future) reports a variety of stories portraying possible futures for the cities at hand.

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Macro-Micro / Fontaine-Vanhaesebrouck Architects

Paris-based Fontaine-Vanhaesebrouck Architects shared with us their project Macro-Micro, one of the winners in 10.

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Shuffle Haugerud Center / Eriksen Skajaa Architects

© Eriksen Skajaa

Eriksen Skajaa Architects shared with us their awarded proposal for Europan 10 with their design of the Haugerud Center, entitled Shuffle.   Haugerud, originally an area born from the utopian ideals of the Modern Movement, now struggles to a have a clear sense of what it stands for.  Shuffle aims to rediscover Haugerud’s lost identity by exploring low rise/high density urban planning.  The buildings create a village-like atmosphere with multi-functional structures that can be used for housing as well as public functions.

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