Video: Design Museum, Exclusive!

The Design Museum is moving. gets a sneak peak of the Design Museum’s plans to move to a new home in Kensington, London in the historic former Commonwealth Institute. Here, Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum reveals architect John Pawson’s plans for the new building and tells us about the museum’s legacy and why it’s ready to grow up.

Craneloft / Yorgos Rimenidis + Michalis Softas

and Michalis Softas, students of the University of Thessaly, in Volos, Greece shared their proposal with us.  The idea is a radical experiment to transform port cranes into lofts; and since the cranes can be found at basically any commercial port worldwide, the is a possible alternative with a global character.  This revitalization stems from the students’ view that reusing objects, structures and engines left behind from the port will allow the free area to be incorporated in the urban tissue. This new form of habitation would be constantly changing and form a “condensed European city”.

More images and more about the craneloft idea after the break.