Compliant Shading Enclosure / Brent Vander Werf

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Brent Vander Werf’s creates a movable mechanism within the air-gap of a glass enclosure to regulate the amount of sun, shade and shadow permitted in a space. Powered by the energy from the sun, the mechanism passively expands or closes to make the opening the correct size to meet the desired comfort level.

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Fishman Shade Canopy / Benjamin Hall + Brent Vander Werf

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By studying the solstice solar angles, Benjamin Hall and Brent Vander Werf’s research project, Fishman Shade Canopy, creates a site specific geometric strategy where the canopy provides 100% shade while maintaining a visual opacity. This prototype builds upon experiments conducted throughout Hall’s Capstone project at the University of Arizona, a few years ago. After developing a warp and weft system of structural shade members, the next step of the project was to manifest those findings in a full-scale built project.

More about the canopy after the break.