Update: Botswana Innovation Hub / SHoP



Last summer,  we shared SHoP’s 270,000 sqf office and research building for , Africa, a winning proposal that surpassed 17 international competitors.   The Innovation Hub is a huge investment for the Botswanan government as an attempt to diversify its ecomony which is primarily based upon diamond extraction to move toward a more “knowledge-based economy.”  A lot is at stake for this $50 million project.  With thousands of sqf of office space to fill, many wonder if the building and its location can attract the latest researchers; yet, SHoP’s initiative to create an environmentally friendly haven attempts to do just that.   “The goal was to create an incubator to invite new startups and other companies into Botswana,” says SHoP principal William Sharples, “and get the country into another economic line besides just diamonds.”

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Botswana Innovation Hub / SHoP Architects


Ousting 17 other companies from Europe, USA and Africa, SHoP Architects was awarded first prize for their design of the Innovation Hub.  The 270,000 sqf office and research building will be a testament to ’s support of research, as well as her promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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