Gateway Galaxy / Balmond Studio

© 2011

Balmond Studio has been exploring educational ideas through art installations as part of a series of research studies. The interactive art proposal, which will be installed in Casper College, a school in Wyoming, , transforms the forgotten spaces of hallways, corridors and lobbies into thriving community and learning zones, celebrating the students’ daily experience. The designs are based on advanced geometric thinking developed by Cecil Balmond, founder of Balmond Studio.

Star of Calendonia / Cecil Balmond and Charles Jencks

Courtesy of Balmond Studio

of Balmond Studio and Charles Jencks have developed the winning design, Star of Caledonia, for the border crossing between England and at Gretna.  Aiming for a 2014 completion date (just in time for the Commonwealth Games hosted in Glasgow) the design of this contemporary landmark sculpture will draw inspiration from ’s scientific heritage and will feature a series of S-curves marking the cross of St. Andrew.

Nebula / Cecil Balmond

© Courtesy of Balmond Studio

Architects: Balmond Studio – Cecil Balmond
Location: , Italy
Project year: 2011
Photographs: Germano Borrelli, Nicola Vascellari