Contemplating the Void: Bad Architects Group

winning collage

A few months ago, the exhibited Contemplating the Void in honor of the museum’s 50th anniversary.  After receiving 200 submissions, curators from the museum selected five winners.  We’ve shared different proposals with you previously on AD, and today, we bring you Bad Architects Group’s winning Void Codition[ed].  In German, void or “Luftraum“, literally translates to “air-space“. By conditioning the given air, which is already present in the void, the architects create the possibility to access the space as is without interrupting how it currently exists.  The proposal “adds another dimension or layer to the existing experience in form of a vertical wind tunnel.”

Architecture Office / bad architects group


Architects: bad architects group
Location: Innsbruck,
Project team: Paul Burgstaller, Ursula Faix, Andreas Kuen, Karin Wörgötter
Building Physiscs: Mayr
Electrical Planning: Eidelpes
Photographs: Günter Richard Wett &