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Baabdat Residence / L.E.FT

Courtes of L.E.FT
Courtes of L.E.FT

The Baabdat Residence is an inversion design of the traditional agricultural terracing. This results in spectacular 180 degree views out to the mountains beyond, and a camouflaged home from above.  More drawings following the break.

Courtes of L.E.FT model Courtes of L.E.FT model

Architects: L.E.FT Location: Baabdat, Lebanon Team: Daniel Colvard, Makram el Kadi, Ziad Jamaleddine, Mahdi Sabbagh, Karie Titus, Karine Yassine Client: P.Baadarani Project Area: 500 sqm Renderings: Courtesy of L.E.FT