‘Kids’ City’ – Modular Kindergarten Proposal / Adam Wiercinski

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With the concept of being a small town in the city, the ‘Kids’ City’ – Modular Kindergarten proposal by Adam Wiercinski consists of a different approach to the everyday world of the child. The main idea was to create a welcoming and safe space, which becomes a part of an interesting architecture by functioning in the city. With a floor area of 95 square meters for 25 children, the basic module of the whole structure is designed as a single branch. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Alternative Car Park Tower / Hugon Kowalski, Adam Wiercinski, Borys Wrzeszcz

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The main concept of the Alternative Car Park Tower, titled ‘Sky Street’, by Hugon Kowalski, Adam Wiercinski and Borys Wrzeszcz was to create parking spaces as an extension of the street. Typical city-street features with a traffic lane, parking spaces, sidewalk and tram was taken out which helped to shape their building form. More images and project description after the break.