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BASE / Komada Architects' Office

  • Architects: Komada Architects' Office
  • Location: setagaya-ku,Tokyo, Japan
  • Architect in Charge: Takeshi Komada,Yuka Komada
  • Area: 0.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Tomohiro Saruyama

© Tomohiro Saruyama © Tomohiro Saruyama © Tomohiro Saruyama © Tomohiro Saruyama

Suzhou Industrial Park Sports Center / NBBJ

Stadium View from River © NBBJ
Stadium View from River © NBBJ

NBBJ has shared with us their latest design in sports architecture, a multifunctional industrial sports complex for the residents of Suzhou, China. Designed as a community asset, the cultural sports hub will include a commercial center, aquatics facility, gymnasium, arena, professional sports stadium and more. All facilities will be integrated within a lush “Sports Garden” that features an abundance of pedestrian walkways, gardens and sport fields. 

The architects' description after the break...

The Top 5 Earners of 2012 (And How They Did It)

“The World’s 100 Largest Firms Have Been Ranked...But Does It Matter?” 

That was the question I posed yesterday, in response to our publication of The WA100Building Design’s ranking of the world’s largest architecture firms. My conclusion was that ranking, by size, tells you very little about the success of the world’s largest firms. But ranking by income and efficiency? Well, that tells you quite a bit more. 

By looking at the Top 5 Fee Income Earners and the 5 Most Efficient Firms of 2012 - and their strategies - we can understand far more what it takes to be successful in this tough market.  Since The WA100 is much more than a list of rankings, but also a compendium of information, I went back to the source to investigate these firms more. 

The big guns (Aecom, Gensler, etc.) have aggressively pursued a diverse range of projects on an international scale (particularly in China and the Middle East) - a stance that is far from surprising, considering how competitive they are.    

More interesting, however, is that the most “efficient” firms (those firms that, while nowhere near the size nor clout of the Big 3, have earned higher fee incomes per employee), have either stayed in strong markets or diversified internationally, creating a niche for themselves in these markets (a strategy discussed at length in “The 7 Things You Need To Know Before Doing Business Abroad”). 

Learn the business strategies of the top income earners and most efficient earners of 2012, after the break...

Preservationists Prevail: Paul Rudolph’s Brutalist Landmark Spared from Destruction

Although preservationists continue to mourn the seemingly inevitable demise of Chicago’s Prentice Women’s Hospital, a solid victory for Brutalism has finally been confirmed. Lawmakers in Goshen, New York, have passed a proposal to renovate Paul Rudolph’s iconic Orange County Government Center, authorizing $10 million in design funding. The 15-6 vote was secured by the overwhelming evidence that an upgrade would be more cost effect than County Executive Ed Diana’s fallback plan to replace two-thirds of the building and preserving only the court section. In addition, lawmakers felt the pressure of a March 12 deadline that would risk losing up to $2.7 million in federal funds to repair water damage caused by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee in 2011. 

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Hyttgardsparken /

© Robin Hayes Courtesy of 42architects © Robin Hayes © Robin Hayes

Friedrich-Ebert-Schule / kreiling rosner architekten

© Ralf Heidenreich © Ralf Heidenreich © Ralf Heidenreich © Ralf Heidenreich

Phyllis J. Tilley Memorial Bridge / Rosales + Partners Architects

  • Architects: Rosales + Partners Architects
  • Location: Phyllis J. Tilley Memorial Bridge, Fort Worth, TX 76102, USA
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Courtesy of Rosales + Partners Architects

Courtesy of Rosales + Partners Architects Courtesy of Rosales + Partners Architects Courtesy of Rosales + Partners Architects Courtesy of Rosales + Partners Architects

The Exhibition Hall / OMA

OMA is designing a new department store concept in Kuwait City. The Exhibition Hall, in the popular 360° Mall, will showcase the creativity of the region alongside international fashion brands through a flexible curated retail space, featuring cultural programs, exhibitions and installations. The project is led by OMA partners Iyad Alsaka and Rem Koolhaas, in partnership with Tamdeen Real Estate Co. 

  • Architects: OMA
  • Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Project Architect: Alessandro De Santis
  • Architects in Charge: Iyad Alsaka, Rem Koolhaas,
  • Collaborators: Tamdeen Real Estate Co.
  • Area: 9400.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Courtesy of OMA

Courtesy of OMA Courtesy of OMA Courtesy of OMA Courtesy of OMA

Situ Studio's 'Heartwalk' Opens in Times Square

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Situ Studio has unveiled the fifth edition of Times Square’s annual Heartwalk installation - a heart-shaped “room within the city” made of salvaged Sandy debris. Inspired by the “collective experience of Hurricane Sandy and the love that binds people together during trying times,” Heartwalk begins as two weathered ribbons of wooden planks that gradually lift to form an illuminated heart enclosure in the middle of Duffy Square. 

People are already falling in love, as you can see Instagram's #heartwalktsq is filling up with images of elated New Yorkers standing within the “heart of New York City”.  

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Water Treatment Station of Benidorm / Otxotorena

  • Architects Office: Otxotorena
  • Location: Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
  • Architects: Juan M. Otxotorena, Mariano González Presencio, Luis Tena Núñez
  • Collaborators: Gloria Herrera, Juan González, Pedro Palencia
  • Area: 8884.0 sqm
  • Year: 2010
  • Photography: Pedro Pegenaute

© Pedro Pegenaute © Pedro Pegenaute © Pedro Pegenaute © Pedro Pegenaute

Diller Scofidio + Renfro's Aberdeen Garden City Proposal Nixed

After winning the Aberdeen City Garden competition in early 2012, Diller, Scofidio + Renfro's 'Granite Web' design was rejected over the summer in a 22-20 city council vote for being overly expensive. Despite public approval the proposal, which totaled a whopping £140m, was rejected in favor of a collection of more fiscally responsible city projects, such as refurbishing the Aberdeen Art Gallery and redeveloping the site of the St. Nicholas House. 

Just recently, the City of Aberdeen announced a £300m city-wide plan of improving roads, schools and cultural buildings, with only £20m allotted for the city center, which will be pedestrianized but not much else. Thus, confirming the "final nail in the coffin" for DS+R's ambitious web of lush gardens and cultural landmarks. 

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Hörsaalzentrum / HH+F Architekten

© Peter Hinschläger © Peter Hinschläger © Peter Hinschläger © Peter Hinschläger

AD Round Up: Flickr Part LXXXIX

It’s time for another Flickr Round Up! Remember you can submit your own photo here, and don’t forget to follow us through Twitter and our Facebook Fan Page to find many more features. 

The photo above was taken by Klaas Vermaas in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Check the other four after the break.    

Masterplan of Xiasha Wander Bay Second Prize Winning Proposal / FCHA

Courtesy of FCHA
Courtesy of FCHA

A unique ecological resource for an otherwise densely-populated urban region, the Xiasha district is a rural, coastal setting outside of Shenzhen. FCHA‘s second prize winning proposal for the masterplan project of Xiasha Wander Bay seeks to strike a balance between the preservation of the site’s pristine ecology and the needs of a four-season tourist town. More images and architects’ description after the break.

New National Contemporary Art Storage of Korea Competition Entry / PWFERRETTO

Courtesy of PWFERRETTO
Courtesy of PWFERRETTO

With the proposal title of ‘Expose the Structural DNA’, PWFERRETTO’s design for a new National Contemporary Art Storage of Korea amplifies the power of the existing structure by revealing its bare structural logic. Their main goals are to create an engaging experience and relate to the visitor in a more raw and immediate way, which makes it different from a museum. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Films & Architecture: "The Cell"

The Cell, by Tarse Singh, is a visually powerful film in which every set is carefully prepared in terms of color, composition and  atmosphere. Ranging from subtle scenes to really baroque ones, the film is loaded with surrealist, sophisticated  imagery that helps the viewer experience the story with the characters.

As usual we invite you to enjoy these films, let us know your comments, and propose more for the list!

Gate 81 Project: Preston Bus Station

Courtesy of Manchester School of Architecture
Courtesy of Manchester School of Architecture

The ‘Gate 81′ project has been set up to imagine how Preston Bus Station could be adapted for the future and to strongly encourage all who are interested to develop your ideas using open, shared resources. In December 2012 Preston City Council voted ‘in principle’ to demolish the building and replace it with a surface car park. However, to many, the building is a major cultural landmark and it should be preserved and creatively adapted to serve the city. It should act as a key space to make Preston accessible and temper the decay that is affecting our city, and so many other city centers across the UK. This is a great way to maximize resources and collective intelligence through this very open site. More information after the break.