Steilneset Memorial / Peter Zumthor and Louise Bourgeois, photographed by Andrew Meredith

© Andrew Meredith

In memory of those persecuted in the seventeenth-century Finnmark Witchcraft Trials, the Steilneset Memorial rests along the jagged coastline of the Barents Sea in , Norway. Photographer Andrew Meredith has shared with us his photo series documenting this masterpiece created by a unique collaboration between the world-famous Swiss architect Peter Zumthor (Basel, 1943) and the influential contemporary artist Louise Bourgeois (Paris, 1911-2010).

Zumthor simply describes his collaboration with Bourgeois in an interview with ArtInfo as the following, “I had my idea, I sent it to her, she liked it, and she came up with her idea, reacted to my idea, then I offered to abandon my idea and to do only hers, and she said, ‘No, please stay.’ So, the result is really about two things — there is a line, which is mine, and a dot, which is hers… Louise’s installation is more about the burning and the aggression, and my installation is more about the life and the emotions [of the victims].”

Continue reading to view the photographs and learn more about the Steilneset Memorial.

Jules / Emmanuel Picault & Ludwig Godefroy

© Ramiro Chaves

Architects: Emmanuel Picault & Ludwig Godefroy
Loation: City,
Creative Team: Gerardo Salgado, Alfredo Luengas, David Hernandez, 
Photography: Ramiro Chaves


AD Round Up: Institutional Architecture Part IX

© Nico Saieh

Time for our 9th selection of previously featured institutional architecture. And we have projects from 2009 that you probably missed! Like the Huanacu Warehouse & Offices, which won our Building of the Year Award in their category. Or the beautiful Primo Estate Winery located in Australia. You can’t miss Camenzind Evolution’s Cocoon in a park in Switzerland, or VDAB Office Building in Belgium. To end our selection, a 38,000 sqm project: Unilever Headquarters designed by Behnisch Architekten.

Liverpool Department Store / Rojkind Arquitectos

© Rojkind Arquitectos, photo by Paúl Rivera

Architects: Rojkind Arquitectos
Location: ,
Project Architects: Michel Rojkind, Gerardo Salinas
Project Team: Joe R. Tarr, Djurdja Milutinovic, Rodrigo Medina, Philipp Schlauch, Birgit Hammer, Jose Carlos Lombana, Abhirabika Agrawal, Rosalba Rojas Chávez, Dolores Robles-Martínez Gómez, Andrea León Cruz
Client: Liverpool
Area: 30,000 sqm
Completion: 2011
Photographs: Paúl Rivera

DPR Residence / Method Design Architecture + Urbanism PLLC

© Taylor Deupree

Architect: + Urbanism PLLC
Location: Pound Ridge, New York,
Completion: September 2010
Method DesignTeam: Reese J. Campbell, Demetrios A. Comodromos, Jason Bean, Heath Horn
Consultants: David Kufferman, PE (Structural Engineering)
Builder: Riebe Construction, Magna Steel
Photographs: Taylor Deupree, Reese Campbell – Method Design Architecture & Urbanism PLLC

Pratt Institute presents two Public Exhbitions on the Work of Theoharis David

Allegra GSP Sport Center © Charalambos Artemis

Tonight in Brooklyn, – Architect, alumnus and longtime Pratt Architecture Professor Theoharis David, FAIA, will deliver a lecture which will be introduced by visionary architect Lebbeus Woods reflecting on David’s 43 years as a teacher through the work of his former , many of whom have gone on to become accomplished architects and teachers. The lecture will be followed by an opening reception for “Built Ideas: A Life of Teaching, Learning, and Action,” an exhibition of models, photos, and concept drawings by David that will be on view at The School of Architecture through March 30. The Pratt’s Department of Exhibitions are also presenting “An Architect Drawing,” an exhibition of drawings and texts from David’s architectural experiences through September 28.

Tonight’s lecture is open to the public; however please note that seating priority is reserved for members of the Pratt community at 5:30PM and members of the public will be admitted at 5:50PM. Continue reading for more information.

Boston Medical Center / TK&A Architects

© Jeffrey Totaro

Architects: TK&A Architects
Location: Albany Street, ,
Size: 24,5000 sqm
Collaborators: MEP -Richard D. Kimball, Structural – Mc Namara / Salvia, Elevator – Lerch Bates, Cost – Vermeulens, CM – William A. Berry & Son, Inc
Completion: March 2011
Photographs: Jeffrey Totaro

Conde House / SAMF Arquitectos

© Daniel Malhão

Architects: Sara Antunes Mário Ferreira Arquitectos
Location: Pinhal Conde da Cunha, ,
Completion: 2011
Construction Area: 312 sqm
Plot Area: 750 sqm
Collaboration: Arq. Ana Xavier
Photographs: Daniel Malhão

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Winning Proposal: Plug + Play / Arcollab

Courtesy of 

The first prize in the DesignByMany competition for the Electric Vehicle Charging Station was recently awarded to Arcollab for their Plug + Play proposal. Their design functions as a visual meter of the substantial gap between the production and consumption of energy. This generates a renewed consciousness of energy use in our modern lives. More images and architects’ description after the break.

House In Juso / ARX Portugal + Stefano Riva


Architects: ARX Portugal + Stefano Riva
Location: Juso, Portugal
Design Team: Nuno Mateus, José Mateus,
Landscape Architecture: Sara Machado
Engineerings: Marco Caixa, António Paiva, Fernandes, Miguel Marques
Contractor: Gardenblok Construções Lda
Area: 170 sqm
Project Construction: 2008-2011
Photographs: FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura; ARX Portugal


© Roos Aldershoff

Location: Amsterdam,
Client: De Principaal, Amvest
Design Team: Leen Borst, Mark Snitker, Brigitte Kwa, Milos Dimitrijevic, Antony van der Oever, Sal Witzenhausen, Pieter van der Pot, Rudy Davi, Ivonne Schmidt
Landscape Architect: Buro Sant en Co landschapsarchitectuur
Contractor: BAM Woningbouw Amsterdam
Structural Engineer: Bouwadviesbureau Strackee, Amsterdam
Project Years: 2007-2011
Photographs: Roos Aldershoff 


Courtesy of ContemporARchitectURban Designers Group

Milad Complex Proposal / ContemporARchitectURban Designers Group

The young architectural studio, ContemporARchitectURban Designer’s Group…, was recently awarded 4th prize in the international competition to design a huge 300,000 square meter complex in Tehran. With the Milad telecommunication tower being the tallest tower in Iran, this competition

Monconseil Retirement Home / Atelier Zundel & Cristea

© Stephane Chalmeau

Architects: Atelier Zundel & Cristea
Location: ,
Project Area: 4,500 sqm
Project Years: 2007-2010
Photographs: Stephane Chalmeau

University of Applied Arts Extension Proposal / Wolfgang Tschapeller

Courtesy of

Wolfgang Tschapeller shared with us their first prize winning proposal for the extension of the University of Applied Arts in . The removal of stair and elevator cores displays a pure serial structure. What remains are solely col-umns and slabs, ready for multiple functional readings. The broadway is not only a means of circulation, it is the platform where members and knowledge of the 17 different studios meet. It is the informal marketplace for cross disciplinary projects.More images and architects’ description after the break.

Habitat 15 / Predock Frane Architects

Courtesy of Predock Frane Architects

Architect: Predock Frane Architects
Location: , , USA
Project Area: 39,000 sqf
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Courtesy of Predock Frane and Elon Schoenholz

2012 TED Prize Winner: The City 2.0’s Wish has been Revealed!


For the first time in history, the annual Prize was not awarded to an individual, but rather an idea that will greatly influence the future of our planet. The City 2.0 is the city of the future in which more than ten billion people are dependent on. Since the announcement in early December, visionaries’ world-wide have provided their input to help determine the city’s “one wish to change the world”. TED will provide $100,000 to help make it happen. Live, at the TED2012 Full Spectrum conference in Long Beach, California, the wish has been revealed! Continue reading to learn more.

Courtesy of LETH & GORI

Røldal Pilgrim Center Proposal / LETH & GORI

LETH & GORI… shared with us their proposal for the Pilgrim Centre in Røldal which creates a new building in close connection with the 13th century church. Made as an extension to the existing church wall, their design becomes a

The Ada Bridge / Arhitektura d.o.o.

Courtesy of Arhitektura d.o.o.

Architects: Arhitektura d.o.o.
Location: ,
Length: 950 m
Structural Engineering: Ponting
Contractors: Porr AG, SCT, DSD Bruckenbau GmbH
Project Years: 2008 – 2012
Photographs: Ana Kostič, Vladimir Vasić, Ponting archive