Quai Ouest – Riverbanks Of The Meurthe / Anne Démians

© Jean-Pierre Porcher et AAD

Architects: Anne Démians
Location: Quai Sainte-Catherine, 54000 , France
Design Team: Architectures Anne DEMIANS;
Philippe MONJARET, Project Director,
Typhaine BLANCHET, Project Manager
Area: 10200.0 sqm
Photographs: Jean-Pierre Porcher et AAD

SuperSurfaceSpace Moscow / Metrogramma

Architects: Metrogramma
Location: ulitsa Lva Tolstogo, Moskva, Russia
Design Team: Francesco Betta – TD of , Egor Fufachev, Andrea Casazza, Giuseppe Bandieramonte, Maria Novozhilova, Thomas Ernesto Rotondo, Niccolo Spadoni
Year: 2015
Photographs: Courtesy of Metrogramma

House for Dairy Farmers / Osamu Tsukihashi + Architects Teehouse

© Sadao Hotta

Architects: , Architects Teehouse
Location: Sodegaura, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Architect In Charge: Miki Okuno
Area: 102.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Sadao Hotta

Selcuk Ecza Headquarters / Tabanlıoğlu Architects

© Thomas Mayer

Architects: Tabanlıoğlu Architects
Location: İstanbul,
Architects In Charge: Murat Tabanlıoğlu & Melkan Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu
Area: 22900.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Thomas Mayer

Tea Seed Oil Plant / Imagine Architects

Architects: Imagine Architects
Location: Wuyuan, , Jiangxi, China
Design Team: Luo Siwei, Lu Shan, Zhou Wei, Zhang Jun, Yang Yan
Area: 4079.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Zeng Jianghe

Gumam Sungmun Church / Oh Jongsang

© Namgoong Sun

Location: South , 인천광역시 서구 검암동 SI빌라
Design Team: Lee yujin
Area: 758.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Namgoong Sun

See Inside Le Corbusier’s Mind with These 5 Paintings

Taureau (Bull), 1956; Sheet metal plaque, enameled (Unique work, painted with enamel on sheet metal by Le Corbusier and fired in the studio of Jean Martin in Luynes) (46 x 55 cm). Image ©

Marking the fiftieth anniversary of Le Corbusier’s death, Galerie Eric Mouchet is collaborating with Galerie Zlotowski to showcase Le Corbusier: Panorama of a Lifetime’s Work in Paris. The exhibition, opening April 23 and on view through July 25, will provide a comprehensive overview of paintings, drawings and engravings of the legendary Le Corbusier.

“Le Corbusier, who was never without a sketchbook in his pocket, devoted half of every day over a 45 year period to writing, painting and drawing – what he called his ‘Atelier de la recherché patiente,’” says the galleries. “His visual arts output was both highly original and prolific, stretching from 1917 to 1965. Up to the Second World War, this work was largely for his own personal research. Later, however, it helped drive the design and promotion of the Modulor, a ‘harmonious’ scale of proportions he devised in 1946.”

Take a look inside Le Corbusier’s mind and preview five of the prolific paintings that will be exhibited, after the break. 

Lorne Hill House / Will Harkness Architecture

© Derek Swalwell

Architects: Will Harkness Architecture
Location: VIC 3232, Australia
Area: 184.0 sqm
Photographs: Derek Swalwell

Milan Expo 2015: EMBT Designs Dome for COPAGRI


“The splendor of the Italian cities are beautifully represented by their domes,” says Miralles Tagliabue EMBT. Embracing this notion, EMBT has designed a wooden dome for COPAGRI, a confederation of agricultural producers that brings together hundreds of Italian farmers, to showcase their products at the 2015 Milan Expo

“The design started from the observation of Italian landscapes, both natural and man-shaped,” said EMBT in a press release. “In our project the domes are not only representing the magnificence of the Italian past, but they also show us potential for the future lying in the construction of domes.”

Outside-in’ – Residence in Goes / grassodenridder_architecten

Courtesy of

Architects: grassodenridder_architecten
Location: , Netherlands
Design Team: Stefan Grasso, Ferry den Ridder
Interior Design: grassodenridder_architecten
Year: 2014
Photographs: Courtesy of grassodenridder_architecten

Construction of Sagrada Família Accelerated by 3-D Printing Technology

© Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Família

As reported by the BBC, construction of Antoni Gaudí‘s already 133-year-old Sagrada Família in Barcelona is now being accelerated by one of the most modern technologies around: 3-D printing. As a matter of fact, the construction process in Barcelona has been utilizing 3-D printing for 14 years, introducing the technology in 2001 as a way of speeding up the prototyping of the building’s many complex components.

The process uses powder-based stereolithographic 3-D printers, which build prototypes layer-by-layer, resulting in a material similar to plaster. This is important to the workshop at the Sagrada Família, because it allows craftsmen to easily alter the prototypes by hand, to meet the demanding specifications of the building.

Frank Gehry Discusses Project Costs on Never-Before-Seen “The Competition” Teaser

The wait is over; premiere dates for the highly anticipated film The Competition have been released. The first documentary ever to focus on the tense process of architectural competitions, The Competition captures a fascinating account on how five world renowned architects – Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry, Dominique Perrault, Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster – “toil, struggle and strategize to beat the competition.” The premise is based on a nearly forgotten, 2008 competition for a new National Museum of Art of Andorra, a small Pyrenees country nestled between Spain and , which has yet to be realized.

Above is a never-before-seen clip of discussing project economics with the competition jury. Watch the official trailer and see if The Competition is premiering in a city near you, after the break.

Yotoco Music School / Espacio Colectivo Arquitectos

© Santiago Robayo - Ministry of Culture

Architects: Espacio Colectivo Arquitectos
Location: , Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Project Architects: Aldo Marcelo Hurtado, Carlos Hernan Betancourt
Project Area: 750.0 m2
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Santiago Robayo – Ministry of Culture

Morphosis Unveils Plans for 381-Meter-Tall Skyscraper in Vals


Morphosis Architectshighly anticipated plans for a new luxury hotel in Vals has been unveiled. The proposal, selected by 7132 Ltd (and denounced by the jury) following an international competition, was lauded by the client for its “minimalist approach” that will “help the hotel blend with the mountain landscape at the existing resort campus.”

The ultra-thin, 381-meter-tall tower will be one of three Pritzker laureate-designed projects at the 7132 resort, joining Peter Zumthor’s Therme Vals Spa and Tadao Ando’s Valser Path, which is slated for completion in 2017.

More images and a response from Tadao Ando, after the break. 

Emerging Objects Creates “Bloom” Pavilion from 3D Printed Cement

© Matthew Millman Photography

Following on from other experiments in 3-D Printing including a proposal for a house printed from salt and an earthquake resistant column inspired by Incan masonry, the California-based Emerging Objects team has created Bloom, a pavilion constructed from 840 unique blocks 3-D printed from portland cement.

The 9-foot (2.7 meter) tall pavilion is cruciform in plan, morphing as it rises to become the same cruciform shape twisted by 45 degrees. On the facade of the pavilion, perforations are mapped onto the cement blocks to create a design inspired by traditional Thai flower patterns.


© Christof Weber

Location: Place Guillaume, L-2090
Area: 4571.0 sqm
Photographs: Christof Weber

Never Built New York: Projects From Gaudí, Gehry and Wright that Didn’t Make it in Manhattan

Sketches by Gaudí on the left, with Joan Matamala’s drawing of the building on the right. Image Courtesy of 6sqft

Ever since its unprecedented skyward growth in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Manhattan has been an icon of construction all over the world, with recent estimates concluding that the island contains some 47,000 buildings. However, as with all construction, completed projects are just the tip of the architectural iceberg; Manhattan is also the home of many thousands of unloved, incomplete, and downright impossible proposals that never made it big in the Big Apple.

Of course, the challenges of New York are indiscriminate, and even world-renowned architects often have difficulties building in the city. After the break, we take a look at just three of these proposals, by Antoni Gaudí, Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry, courtesy of 6sqft.

Casa VIB / Estudio BaBO

Courtesy of

Architects: Estudio BaBO
Location: Benavídez, Buenos Aires,
Design Team: Francisco Kocourek, Francesc Planas Penadés, Marit Haugen Stabell
Area: 162.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Estudio BaBO