EM House / TaAG Arquitectura

© Jorge Silva

Architects: TaAG Arquitectura
Location: Zapopan, Jalisco,
Architect In Charge: Gerardo Ayala García de Quevedo
Construction: Arturo Ruiz Olmedo
Plot: 645 sqm
Area: 633 sqm
Year: 2012
Photography: Jorge Silva

North Fitzroy House / AM Architecture

© Dianna Snape

Architects: AM Architecture
Location: Fitzroy, Melbourne,
Architect In Charge: Andrew Mellios
Graduate Architect: Antry Lau
Area: 205.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Dianna Snape

Renzo Piano Talks Architecture and Discusses ‘The Shard’ with BBC News

BBC’s Sarah Montague Renzo Piano, the mastermind behind London’s most controversial and newest skyscraper: ‘’. Prior to the interview,  Montague spotted Piano blending into the crowd during the opening of the 310-meter skyscraper “spying” on the onlookers. When asked about this moment, Piano revealed the great advice he received from the prominent Italian film director Roberto Rossellini upon the completion of the Pompidou Center in Paris: “You do not look at the building, you look at the people looking at the building.” It was during this moment that Piano observed “surprise” and “wonder, but not fear” amongst the onlookers – a reaction he seemed to be content with.

Despite Piano’s attempt to refrain from controversy, it is hard to avoid when your design intends to celebrate a “shift in society” as does the ‘Shard’. Change tends to stir mixed emotions and spark debate. However, being part of this “human adventure” as an architect is what Piano finds most rewarding. He states: “You don’t change the world as an architect, but you celebrate the change of the world.”

New National Archives of France / Studio Fuksas

© Philippe Ruault

Architects: Studio Fuksas
Location: 59 rue Guynemer, , Saint-Denis
Architects In Charge: Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas
Interiors: Fuksas Design
Area: 108136.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Philippe Ruault, Camilla Pongiglione, Studio Fuksas

Arup Envisions the Skyscrapers of 2050

Courtesy of

It is estimated that by 2050, 75 percent of the worlds – then 9 billion strong – population will live in cities. Urban Sprawl is already problematic and planners are faced with new challenges as they aim to build towards the sky rather than the horizon. In addition, cities are increasingly faced with climate change, resource scarcity, rising energy costs, and the possibility of future natural or man-made disasters. In response to these issues, Arup has proposed their vision of an urban building and city of the future.

In their proposal, titled “It’s Alive!”, they imagine an urban ecosystem of connected ‘living’ buildings, that not only create space, but also craft the environment. According to Arup, buildings of the future will not only produce energy and food, but will also provide its occupants with clean air and water.

More info on Arup’s vision after the break…

Google Tel Aviv Office / Camenzind Evolution

© Itay Sikolski

Architects: Camenzind Evolution
Collaborators: Setter Architects + Studio Yaron Tal
Location: Tel Aviv,
Area: 8000.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Itay Sikolski


Courtesy of Grimshaw Architects
Courtesy of Grimshaw Architects

Equation Exhibition / Grimshaw Architects

Taking place February 20-March 15, Grimshaw Architects… will be holding their first exhibition staged in Asia, titled ‘Equation’. The exhibition will explore how the natural environment provides inspiration for innovative architectural projects around the world. These projects adopt biomimicry for

The 5 Best Architectural Partners of 2012

Kurilpa Bridge / Cox Rayner Architects with , who came in as the #1 Service Engineer preferred by Architects. Image © Christopher Frederick Jones

While Building Design’s WA 100 is far better known for its ranking of the 100 largest architecture firms, the publication (which you can find here) also includes a lot of other rankings/information - like this gem. Architects’ favorite professional associates in five categories – from building contractors to structural engineers. 

While some familiar names grace the list (Arup comes in at number 1 for Service Engineers), we felt the list was a great way to spotlight many companies whose work seldom goes acknowledged (and without whom, the architecture we love would never come into being).

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Fire Station in Santo Tirso / Alvaro Siza

© Joao Morgado – Architecture Photography

Architects: Alvaro Siza
Location: , Portugal
Project Coordinator: José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira
Design Team: Marco Rampulla, Pablo Elinbaum, Patrícia Teixeira, José Pedro Silva
Area: 1400.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Joao Morgado – Architecture Photography

The Indicator: Craft in the Digital Age

DRL10 [C'] Space Pavilion by Synthesis Design + Architecture in collaboration with Alan Dempsey. Image, SDA
A few weeks ago there was a flurry of debate about one of Zaha Hadid’s designs being copied, or at least copied in terms of its outer form. Very soon after this I discovered an interesting article in the most recent issue of MIT’s Leonardo: Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology.The article, “Hybrid Reassemblage: An Exploration of Craft, Digital Fabrication and Artifact Uniqueness” by Amit Zoran and Leah Buechley, raises some interesting points about the nature of originality, the subjective experience of making original things, and the potential for digital technology to impute this subjectivity to new and repeatable objects. In essence, the authors are discussing the position of craft, the hand-made, the personal, subjective act of making something that is singular and based on a personal process, the negotiation of decisions and risks with tools, materials, and design intentions.

Ceramic of Arganil / Vitor Seabra Mofase Architects

© José Campos

Architects: Vitor Seabra Mofase Architects
Location: , Portugal
Architect In Charge: Vítor Seabra
Area: 6600.0 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: José Campos

Quinta dos Alcoutins / GGLLatelier

© FG + SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Architects: GGLLatelier
Location: Lisbon,
Architect In Charge: Gabriela Gonçalves, Leonel Lopes
Design Team: Miguel Malaquias, Gary Barber, José Doroana, Ana Braga
Structural Engineers: Betar, Miguel Villar
Contractor : Ultracasa
Year: 2011
Photographs: FG + SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

AD Classics: Xanadú / Ricardo Bofill

Courtesy of

One of many large experiments in housing conducted by Taller de Arquitectura, Xanadú is an experimental prototype that reflects on the team’s theory of a garden city in space. Built as part of the La Manzanera development, which also houses the nearby La Muralla Roja, the project contains 18 apartments intended to be summer homes.

Port-Side Miami / PlusUrbia Design

Courtesy of PlusUrbia

PlusUrbia , an architectural and firm, led the design of the new trade/commercial district in the Port of in collaboration with GSHstudio, OskiStudio and studioLFA. The team developed a concept coined “Port-Side ” to become the city’s new commercial district on the west end of the Port’s Dodge Island, which was designated by the “PortMiami 2035 master plan” to be developed into office space, retail, restaurants and a number of high-end hotels.

More images and the architect´s description after the break.

Courtesy of Rudanko+Kankkunen
Courtesy of Rudanko+Kankkunen

Aurinkokivi School Awarded Proposal / Rudanko+Kankkunen

The design proposal for the Aurinkokivi School competition in Vantaa, Finland by Rudanko + Kankkunen… was recently awarded a purchase prize for its inspiring architecture and child-friendly spaces. The concept is simple yet fresh: traditional gabled building wings meet and

Biscaytik Project / G&C Arquitectos

Courtesy of G&C Arquitectos

Architects: G&C Arquitectos
Location: ,
Design Team: Marta González Cavia, Jorge Cabrera Bartolomé, Martin González Cavia, Jesus María Baranda
Area: 5800.0 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of G&C Arquitectos

City Design Panel Endorses BIG’s Mixed-Use Vancouver Tower

Courtesy of

A BIG step forward for Vancouver’s latest mixed-use tower making international headlines, as the 497-foot tall Beach and Howe proposal has received an “enthusiastic endorsement” from the city’s design panel.

Commissioned by ’s real estate mogul Ian Gillespie of Westbank, the Bjarke Ingles Group-designed tower promises to add a foreign twist to Vancouver’s skyline and create a new identity for an undefined section of town at the fringe of the city’s residential area. The 700,000 square foot complex – which contains shopping, social housing and market rental apartments – was praised by the panel for anchoring itself on a nine-story podium that occupies the disused, interstitial spaces found between the Granville Street Bridge’s entry and exit ramps.

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© Martin Siplane

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