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Mass Timber Conference

A lineup of expert speakers from around the world will address how we can advance cross-laminated timber and the mass timber industry in North America, and how we can increase the use of wood in low- to mid-rise and tall buildings.

Explore current opportunities and obstacles for cross-laminated timber, nail-laminated timber, glulam panels, laminated veneer lumber, and other mass timber construction in North America and how to execute projects today.

2015 UABB Crash.Course: Aformal Academy - RE:Learning The City

To all interested in learning,

We would like to invite you to participate in 2015 UABB, as a member of the Crash.Course: Aformal Academy - RE:Learning The City. Join us, and come to Shenzhen for a 9-day intensive and interactive learning experience.

This is not a masterclass, but a collection of classes for one to master. This week-long intensive layered workshop will span the UABB Shenzhen and Hong Kong official openings and form the 9-day RE:Learning the City – Crash.Course. Participants will attend the lectures of, study with, and mingle with the exhibitors, international visitors, and local experts.

Guided and focused studies will

361 Degree Conference '16

The ninth edition of the 361 degree conference intends to create a platform to allude that the ‘City’ is much more than an accumulation of buildings, construction, and architecture – they also comprise public spaces such as parks, squares, streets and alleys that are equally significant components of the urban fabric. The built and un-built environments are in a constant relationship with each other – sometimes conflictual, ideally harmonious and symbiotic – are integral to the form and function of our cities which we must constantly explore to institute and develop. 


Institute for Public Architecture 3rd Annual Fall Fete


Shola Olatoye
Chair and Chief Executive Officer,
New York City Housing Authority


Richard Baron
Chair and Chief Executive Officer,
McCormack Baron and Salazar

Third Annual Fall Fete
Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Benefactors Reception, 6 to 8 pm
Neue Galerie
1048 5th Avenue, New York

Friends Party, 8:30 to midnight
St. George Church Choir Crypt
209 E.16th St., Stuyvesant Square, New York

The Benefactors Reception will be held at the Neue Galerie New York, located in a landmark turn-of-the-century Carrere & Hastings building on Museum Mile. Benefactors will enjoy light Austrian fare and wine in the elegant Cafe Sabarsky and meet our honorees.

The Friends Party will bring together a lively group of architects, developers, artists,

The Experience of Architectural Space: A Design Experiment

What is architectural space? How is it perceived and experienced by the user? What reactions does it produce within the human mind and body? The Experience of Architectural Space is a interactive design experiment conducted by students of Hunter College. The experiment takes place within Natasha Johns-Messenger's interactive installation within El Museo de Los Sures, ThreeFold, curated by Melissa Bianca Amore.

The installation plays with the participant's perception of the gallery space and ultimately with the very act of perception itself. Subjects in the experiment will enter the gallery space and have their pulse read at three critical junctures within the

Call for Ideas: Closed Worlds Design Competition

What do outer space capsules, submarines, and office buildings have in common? Each was conceived as a closed system: a self-sustaining physical environment demarcated from its surroundings by a boundary that does not allow for the transfer of matter or energy.

Call for Submissions: Flux Emerging Architects Design Competition

For the first time ever, Flux is calling on the next generation of building designers to enter our student architecture competition, running from November 2015 to January 2016. In this competition, we want to see how you will use Flux in your current school projects to exchange data between Grasshopper, Dynamo, and Excel via the web. Each registered team will submit a short (~2 minute) video explaining your innovative approach to using our tools, along with relevant design files. Submissions will be judged based on creativity, simplicity, and transferability; prizes will be awarded for a variety of submission categories as detailed in the brief.

RIBA Makes 90,000 Archival Images Available to View Online

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) have made 90,000 unique images from their visual archive available online. (also known as RIBApix) hosts the world's largest collection of 16th century drawings by Palladio, as well as drawings by Sir Christopher Wren, Erno Goldfinger, Augustus Pugin, Denys Lasdun, and Edwin Lutyens. In addition, many original London Underground station designs sit alongside collections of some of the world’s leading photographers, including John Maltby, Edwin Smith, Henk Snoek, John Donat, Dell & Wainwright, Martin Charles and Tony Ray-Jones.

Exhibition "Ilustraciones" by Smiljan Radic and Alejandro Lüer and Days of Oris 15 Symposium

Last October, Oris - Croatian magazine for architecture and culture of living, had a great pleasure of hosting an internationally recognised Chilean architect – Smiljan Radić. During his visit to Zagreb he delivered a lecture entitled Bestiario at the Days of Oris 15 symposium where he also received ORIS ACO Award and was present at the opening of the exhibition Ilustraciones in the Oris House of Architecture. Among lectures that were held at Days of Oris 15 were ones by Anne Lacaton, Terunobu Fujimori, Fabrizio Barozzi and other architects.

Büro Ole Scheeren Expands with New Offices in Berlin and Bangkok

Hong Kong- and Beijing-based Büro Ole Scheeren is expanding with the opening of two new offices in Berlin and Bangkok. As its founder, German architect Ole Scheeren says, the expansion will extend the practice's range of work with projects in Europe and North America. "Büro Ole Scheeren’s Berlin studio will act as a European base for work across the western hemisphere, while Büro Ole Scheeren in Bangkok, together with its subsidiary HLS, is charged with the further design development and construction supervision of the MahaNakhon tower, soon to be completed as Thailand’s tallest skyscraper," says the practice. 

Call for Entries: Edition 02: Lightius Loci - Spirit of Light

Community Lighting for the Urban Environment has set itself the goal of encouraging and challenging young designers such as students (University & Colleges) and emerging Professionals (<5 years in their profession) to develop innovative lighting concepts for interior and exterior spaces, stimulate challenging ideas and recognize the individuals creating those ideas. 

Opening Reception: On the Tarmac

To most people, tarmac markings are hieroglyphics writ large: an obscure language that greets us as we glide down toward the earth. It is a code both intimately familiar and radically alien.

On the Tarmac reconceives this code. By freeing the tarmac from utility, designer Dennis Pieprz Assoc. AIA and his photos allow new meanings to emerge, exploring poetry of line work and the ballet of human activity. This collection is about slowing pace and paying attention, but most important about seeking sublime moments in the everyday.

Design Research in Alternative Contexts

An international seminar and exhibitions on the experiments of design research in alternative contexts, it provides an exceptional opportunity to examine the potentials and limits of design research, a fundamental shift in contemporary architecture, tested against the hybrid conditions of practice. Speakers include Stephen Hodder, Francois Penz, Jeremy Till, Murray Fraser, Felipe Hernandez, Ingrid Schroder, Helen Castle, Pingping Dou, Andong Lu, Lu Feng, Ling Zhou, Hua Li, Wowo Ding, Chen Zhao. The seminar is accompanied by three exhibitions, featuring especially the outputs from the Investigate-It Workshop (2015 Nanjing, China) by ten leading young Chinese architects/scholars practicing their visions/methods/theories on a common site.

Iwan Baan in Conversation with Jonathan Glancey

Iwan Baan was twelve years old when he received his first camera and, "within a week, [he] had traded it in for a better one." He is one of the most well-known and highly sought after architectural photographers in the world, recognised for shooting cities from above and for always highlighting people (occupation) in his images. In a short interview with Jonathan Glancey Baan is the first to state that he "doesn't know much about architecture" — something which has not inhibited his ability to produce some of the most successful photographs of the built world, and how we design, construct and occupy it.

Elevating Erie: Ideas Competition for a Biodiverse Boulevard

The creation of the Erie Canal was a paradigm shift for American progress in the 19th century, leveraging hundreds of miles of canal networks capable of generating cities out of swamps and ushering in a new era of exchange. Over a century later, what was the Erie Canal through Central New York has been capped over with urban development and sprawl. We are now presented with the opportunity to reposition Erie as the vehicle for a globally relevant, ecologically turbocharged urban corridor. The Elevating Erie ideas competition seeks proposals that consider our current global biodiversity challenges in urbanized regions by developing solutions specific to the Erie Canalway Trail along Erie Boulevard East connecting DeWitt to Syracuse. Elevating Erie encourage entries from diverse disciplines to provide ideas that will:

Spotlight: Zaha Hadid

Pritzker prize-winning architect, fashion designer and artist Zaha Hadid (born 31 October 1950) has become one of the most recognizable faces of our field. Revered and denounced with equal aplomb for the sensuous curved forms for which she has become known, Hadid rose to prominence not solely through parametricism but by designing spaces to occupy geometries in new ways. Today, her work continues to push boundaries both creative and technological, and her fearless media presence has cemented her place in society as a woman who needs just one name: Zaha.

Dallas Architecture Forum Presents Kevin McClurkan

Dallas Architecture Forum, a non-profit organization for everyone interested in learning about and improving the architecture, design, landscape and urban fabric of the North Texas region is pleased to continue its 2015-16 Lecture Season with the outstanding architect Kevin McClurkan, Management Partner of Ennead Architects of New York City. McClurkan's many major projects include the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock; the Newseum adjacent to the US Capitol in Washington, DC; and The Standard hotel on the High Line Park in New York City. He will speak on Tuesday, November 3 at 7 p.m. in the Horchow Auditorium

Debate: Vanity Publishing

The design media is little more than a sycophantic, vapid and naval gazing extension of the PR industry. Our monographs, magazines and museums feed a cycle of shallow celebratory hysterics with little to no investigative or critical practice. Awards programmes lurch between jacking off the already engorged egos of starchitects or chasing the virginal myth of untainted emerging designers preying simultaneously on the young's insecurity and the old's fear of death in the name of profit for disconnected share holders. Cosy relationships between judges and judged, editors and edited amount to mild corruption - unsubscribe now.