2010 TCA Student Design Contest

2009 1st Place

TCA International Student Design Competition: The Concrete Classroom is sponsored by the Tilt-Up Concrete Association and the Tennessee Concrete Association.

Students in the field of architecture, currently in a graduate or undergraduate program are invited to present conceptual designs for a new education and training facility for a state concrete association, specifically designed with emphasis on the practical sustainability using site cast concrete panels and components known as “Tilt-Up” concrete.

The Concrete Classroom 2010 is an international, open, single-stage ideas competition. For more information, go to the competition’s official website. Seen at Bustler.

Finalists of the Integrated Habitats Design Competition announced

RESET Development are pleased to announce that the eight finalists for the first ever UK Integrated Habitats Design Competition have now been announced. Submissions included entries from a variety of backgrounds including students, architects, ecologists, landscape designers and engineers. The judges were impressed by the diverse range of projects proposed and will be awarding prizes to the top three entries.

First prize of £2000, runner-up of £1000 and highly commended places will be presented as part of CIRIA’s bi-annual World Green Roof Congress at 6.00pm on Wednesday 15th September with the top three finalists also receiving a free ticket to the 2-day congress which is run in partnership with livingroofs.org. The eight finalist proposals will be published online and will also be showcased at the 5 week IHDC Exhibition will will open on Monday 13th September.

Based on a similar competition organised by the City of Portland in 2007, the IHDC emphasises the importance of biodiversity in the built environment. The competition invited holistic designs that integrate biodiversity, emphasising the value of good quality design that puts nature at its heart. Complete list of finalists after the break. (more…)

2010 Monsters of Design (MoD)

The Young Architects Forum of Kansas City invites all young designers to submit their work for the 2010 Monsters of Design Competition. Projects of all types and scales (architecture, interiors, products, furniture, lighting, graphics and anything else) are welcome.

Monsters of Design is an annual design awards competition for young architects and/or designers from or near the metro area. MoD exists to recognize the young designers whose work may not be recognized by other awards competitions. All types of design are considered equal in this competition. For more information, go to the competition’s official website. Seen at Bustler.

Wine’s Museum on Cerro San Cristobal Architecture Competition

Arquitectum jointly with the Universidad Finis Terrae and the Chilean Association of Vineyards have recently launched the International Architecture Competition de 2010″.

The challenge for this competition is to design a Museum that has XX Century History of Wine exhibition areas and also be a landmark for the city of Santiago. To this end, the plot where this project will take place is located at Cerro San Cristóbal, since this hill is the most natural and, at the same time, urban backdrop to lay out a natural/artificial product such as wine. This is an amazing opportunity for the winning architect to become well known in a potentially growing market such as design of wine cellars and vineyards of all South America.

For more information, visit the competition’s official website.

New Visions Design Competition

General Area of Site

Urban Reserve establishes a new vision for the development of single-family neighborhoods-one of sustainably designed, modernist houses, gently sited in a rolling, wooded landscape with close access to urban amenities. We envision houses that are of their time and place: cutting edge in design but low impact and co-existing harmoniously in the streetscape and landscape.

The purpose of this competition is to facilitate the involvement of younger architects, architectural interns and students in the design of one or more of the houses at Urban Reserve. In addition to monetary prizes, one or more of the winning entrants may be awarded a commission to further develop their design for eventual construction.

For complete information visit the competition’s official website.

Los Angeles Cleantech Corridor and Green District Competition

The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) and The Architect’s Newspaper are today launching the Clean Tech Corridor and Green District Competition. The competition asks architects, landscape architects, designers, engineers, urban planners, students and environmental professionals to create an innovative urban vision for Los Angeles’ CleanTech Corridor, a several-mile-long development zone on the eastern edge of downtown LA.

The competition, which offers more than $11,000 in prize money, is presented with the Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles, which established the Clean Tech Corridor. It asks entrants to move beyond industrial uses; creating an integrated economic, residential, clean energy, and cultural engine for the city through architectural and urban strategies. Crucially, this competition will provide an open ideas forum for provocative, even revolutionary, new visions of LA’s urban fabric and infrastructure.

For more information go to the competition’s official website. Seen at Bustler.

Schools of Tomorrow Student Design Competition

The design of educational facilities serves as a major focus for architects and the communities in which they live and work. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that there were 95,726 public schools in the United States in 2005, nearly 10,000 more than in 1995. And even in the current economic downturn, the American Institute of Architects indicates that the design and construction of schools represents the driving force of designs fees for architecture firms in the United States.

While population growth is projected to level off in the next few years, schools will continue to serve as the center for education in the community. School districts in the US will need to start building schools that address the needs of their users, needs that reach far beyond the color of paint in the classroom. And these large buildings will also need to start using technology and building systems to help reduce their economic and environmental impact.

Elementary schools in particular have generally simple programmatic requirements and allow for tremendous creativity within the design solution. The challenge comes in making a building that functions in the simplest way possible for the young minds of children, provides a modern workplace for the teachers and staff and promotes the spirit of its community. Kawneer and AIAS give students a chance to meet these challenges in the 2010 Schools of Tomorrow Design Competition. For more information go to the competition’s official website. Seen at Death by Architecture.

Advertisements for Architecture 2010 Competition

OpenHAUS and DARCH invites design professionals and design students to create an ‘Advertisement for Architecture’. The most outstanding of these entries will be exhibited at the award winning Surry Hills Library and Community Centre in Sydney, for the Sydney Architecture Festival 2010, 20 October to 7 November 2010.

Entrants are invited to submit an A0 advertisement addressing:
• How architecture contributes to the built environment.
• The creation of desire for architecture.
• The promotion of a greater awareness of the role of the architectural profession both culturally and socially.

For more information go to the competition’s official website. Seen at Death by Architecture.

Whitehaven Central Harbour Site Competition

© Brian Sherwen

Britain’s Energy Coast and Magnus Homes invite submissions to a two-stage, International Open Design Competition for a circa GBP £10m mixed-use development on a prominent site overlooking Whitehaven Harbour. The 2,600m2 [0.26Ha] site occupies a fantastic setting adjacent to Whitehaven Harbour and represents one of the most impressive current development opportunities in Cumbria.

Over the past decade, the former working port has been transformed into a thriving marina for leisure craft, with significant investment in associated public realm improvements. The redevelopment of the site presents an opportunity to continue this regeneration via the contribution of an active harbour frontage, with improved visual and pedestrian links to the town centre.

The design competition is open, but not limited to: architects, designers, artists, product designers, and related disciplines. The Architecture Foundation encourages design teams to suggest flexible and innovative yet realisable designs for this permanent structure. For more information, go to the competition’s official website. Seen at Death by Architecture.

Stratford Kiosks Competition

Stratford Station

The Architecture Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of an open international competition to design a permanent yet flexible, free standing group of kiosks in Meridian Square, Stratford, , for use before, during and after the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Situated at the front of Stratford Regional Station and hosting a variety of uses, the kiosks will serve as key venues for information, orientation and services within the rapidly changing town centre.

The design competition is open, but not limited to: architects, designers, artists, product designers, and related disciplines. The Architecture Foundation encourages design teams to suggest flexible and innovative yet realisable designs for this permanent structure. For more information, go to the competition’s official website. Seen at Death by Architecture.

IFHP International Student Competition 2010

Morro Santa Teresa, an area of 87 hectares in , , is knitted into the urban fabric of the city. At present, the area contains media installations, a social reintegration institution for young people, a home for elderly poor and a football sports center. It is an urban area subject to constant social tension due to these buildings, facilities and upper class residences being closely located to low income neighbourhoods.

The proximity to Guaíba Lake provides the site a physical and visual landmark, which makes it one of the most significant areas of the city of Porto Alegre. The view of the historic center of the city along with the rich landscape that opens up from the highest point of the area makes Morro Santa Teresa a strategic spot for formulating innovative proposals that take into consideration urban scales at the street, neighbourhood and city levels.

It is expected that the projects submitted for the International Student Competition will propose answers to the complex reality described above. For complete details please go to the competition’s official website. Seen at Death by Architecture.

2011 Mock Firms International Skyscraper Challenge

“Architecture that Works” is the theme of 2011 Mock Firms International Skyscraper Challenge which seeks to focus student-design groups on issues involving improving the urban work environment through innovative uses of space, structure and sociology. The desired outcome is the creation of “hyper-vertical communities of commerce” which inspires in form and “works” in function for both internal and external people populations.

The unique Mock Firms model aims to help facilitate the formation and function of simulated architectural design firms by collegiate and secondary school students. This year’s challenge is for student-firms to conceive, coordinate, construct and even commercialize a tall building project for Stockholm, Sweden which will be interactively judged by top industry professionals against a field of their peers. For more info please visit www.mockfirms.org or email info@mockfirms.org, Registration deadline is January 15, 2011. Submission deadline is April 22, 2011.

“Chi-rrette”: Ladies Competition

We all know is an Architecture “mecca”.

From Mies to FLW, and SOM, Gehry, Piano, Ando, and the new Krueck+Sexton, Gang, etc. All have created quite the compilation of architecture within the city’s fabric. Now, you are next.

For this award WIA (Women in Architecture) FUND is calling you, ladies, to design the next big thing on Chicago’s waterfront, in a property owned by the city, one with a desired yet ultimately unknown destiny.

Download Award #2 Requirements, here

Kay e Sante nan Ayiti International Architectural Design Competition

Kay e Sante nan Ayiti (Creole for Housing and Health in Haiti), is an international competition launched by the ARCHIVE Institute to build five housing units in the area of St. Marc, Haiti. The housing units are unique in that throughout the entire project, from design, construction, and habitation, HEALTH is a driving factor.

We are asking you to contribute your ideas to this project, whatever your background, to share your knowledge and create a truly interdisciplinary network of interested individuals. The 5 winning proposals will be built in 2011, with habitation commencing July 2011. The winning designs will also be showcased in travelling exhibits to universities worldwide and in a ‘best practice’ design development compendium.

More information after the break.


Loving Outdoors! Product Design Competition

Concurrently to the organization of Sun&Shadow Expo 2010, KORMOS Technical Editions LTD company organizes the youth competition Loving Outdoors. Subject of the competition is: three-dimension construction for exterior space, consisted of a seat, a table and a shading device. Students and young people up to 32 years old can take part.

The submission of candidates’ applications begins on the July 1st 2010 and expires on the 30th November 2010. For more information go to the competition’s official website.

eVolo 2011 Skyscraper Competition

eVolo Magazine is pleased to invite students, architects, engineers, and designers from around the globe to take part in the 2011 Skyscraper Competition.

The annual Skyscraper Competition is a forum for the discussion, development, and promotion of innovative concepts for vertical density. It examines the relationship between the skyscraper and the natural world, the skyscraper and the community, and the skyscraper and the city.

There are no restrictions in regards to site, program or size. The objective is to provide maximum freedom to the participants to engage the project without constraints in the most creative way. What is a skyscraper in the 21st century? What are the historical, contextual, social, urban, and environmental responsibilities of these mega-structures?

For more information, visit the competition’s official website.

Brussels Courthouse: Imagine the Future Competition

The ’ Palace of Justice is a symbol for the power of Justice, dominates the skyline of Brussels and is a window to the past. Yet the stately justice building is hard to secure and to modernize.

In this context and taking into consideration the Belgian chairmanship of the European Union, the Belgian Buildings Agency and the Department of Justice are holding an international ideas contest under the name of ‘Brussels Courthouse: Imagine the future’.

The goal of the contest is to develop a vision about the future of this Courthouse. This vision will be expressed in one or more rough ideas regarding an architectural and urban project for the building and the surroundings of the Poelaert square. Rather than on finished urban development or architectural projects the contest focuses on ideas involving the functions of the Palace of Justice such as the future judicial or other functions of the building and the surroundings of Poelaert square.

he contest aims at experts from all countries in the fields of architecture, urban development and justice, engineers, trade engineers, artists… as well as at schools that are active in these sectors. For more information, go to the competition’s official website.

Free Competition

Larimer + Bernheim have recently released a combined project/competition which turns the traditional design competition on its head: they’re asking clients to submit their projects for consideration. The project they find most compelling will be awarded 100% free design services.

Competition is open to entries worlwide and the work will span the entire length of the selected project, from conceptual design to construction oversight. Competition closes July 31, so if you think you may have the winning project, submit it right here. More information on the competition’s official website.