Kaohsiung Port Station Urban Design Competition

Formerly called “Dagouyi” and built in 1908, Kaohsiung Port Station was the first train station in Kaohsiung and a terminal station of north-south railway line. The freight service of the Station was terminated in 2008 that put an end to the train service of Kaohsiung Port Station. So Kaohsiung Port Station has witnessed the centurial history of railway.

The Kaohsiung Port Station occupies 15 hectares of land and plays a pivotal role in revitalizing the Hama Sen area and the old Yancheng community. The Kaohsiung City Government has registered the Station as a historical building and included it in the urban planning as the foundation for cultural preservation and redevelopment of the area.

The City Government holds this urban design in the hope to invite creative design ideas conducive to the preservation and revitalization of railway culture and innovative development themes that could be used as a guide for conceiving space management strategies for redevelopment of the area in the future. For more information, visit the ’s official website.

Beton Hala Waterfront Center Competition

The City of is launching an international one-stage architectural to design the Beton Hala Waterfront Center in Belgrade.

The Waterfront Center is envisioned as the principal new access point from the capital’s riverfront to its historic core, and a contemporary architectural anchor point for a vibrant pedestrian zone in one of the city’s oldest continually inhabited parts.

For more information on submissions, schedule, and prizes you can go to the competition’s official website.

Venice City Vision Competition

City Vision announce the ideas about the city of “Venice City Vision Competition”. Venice City Vision Competition is the second edition of the international competition series promoted by City Vision Mag. The purpose of Venice’s competition was to give the opportunity to architects, designers and students to activate their creativity to stimulate the contemporary potential of the city and besides wanting to enhance the historic texture of the city, sees on the aquatic identity of the lagoon a fundamental starting point to create new visions about a possible development of this component.

The imagination of the participants, the use of parametric software and eco technology will be the main driver of Venice’s visions and the proposals will shown how to create new digital landscape for a city so connected to classicism and tradition.

The Venice ideas will be judged by an international jury which will have as president Bjarke Ingels, founder of the Danish office BIG and Neri Oxman, Elena Manferdini, Maria Ludovica Tramontin and Bostjan Vuga, all of whom are distinguished by the large experimentation willingness in their work.

For complete information, visit the competition’s official website.

Street Furniture Competition 2011


Following the success of last year’s , Architecture for Humanity Chicago, in collaboration with Archeworks, is proud to announce the Street Furniture Competition 2011. Read over the full competition brief after the break.

5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam: Making City

Courtesy of IABR

The 5th IABR calls for submissions of projects that advance innovative responses to today’s most pressing urban challenges. Municipal, metropolitan and national governments, cultural organizations, researchers, designers, and other parties are invited to submit design projects that rethink the existing interaction between politics, planning and design.

The selected projects will be integrated into the 5th IABR’s overall research and development process and they will be presented in Making City, the 5th IABR’s main exhibition at Architecture Institute, opening in April 2012.

Projects can be submitted until 1 April 2011, 12:00 CET. Submission guidelines, the complete Call for Projects and more information can be found on the 5th IABR: Making City website.

Copa Arquitectura: A competition by Architecture for Humanity

Football is one of the best vehicles for social change (not to mention it’s fun to play). As fans of social change AND fun, Architecture for Humanity, Nike, and Fu.De (Football for Development) have teamed up to host a design for a prototype football, education, and health center for Liga FOS — a project that promotes social development through sport in vulnerable Buenos Aires suburbs.

This is an invitation process for architects and designers. At least one member of your team must speak Spanish fluently. And, though we’re not picking favorites, at least one member from your team must reside in one of the Copa America 2011 countries. They are: Argentina; Bolivia; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; Ecuador; Japan; Mexico; Paraguay; Peru; Uruguay; Venezuela.

Registration and submission deadline is March 21. For more information on the schedule, requirements and prizes go to the competition’s official website.

2011 Burnham Prize Competition: McCormick Place REDUX

The Chicago Architectural Club is pleased to announce the 2011 Burnham Prize Competition. This year’s is co-sponsored by the American Institute of Architects Chicago and Landmarks Illinois. The competition is intended to examine the controversial legacy and questionable future of the McCormick Place East Building, the 1971 modernist convention hall designed by Gene Summers of C.F. Murphy Associates which is sited on the lakefront in Burnham Park. Registration for the 2011 Burnham Prize Competition has been open since 1 February 2011. Submissions are due 4 April 2011. More competition information after the break. (more…)

Fondation CLU Lighting Grant 2010-2011: Light it for Humanity

Last year's 3rd Prize

The contest proposes to question our traditional ways of providing light to the great population. The CLU Foundation wants to give a new meaning to Public lighting and to sensibilities humanity to take advantage, to share and to take ownership of all available lighting.

The boundary between street lighting and the end user can disappear to become the service point of lighting to the community. Public lighting is a response to the needs of human beings, and your solutions will be the answer.

The date for submission is May 2, 2011. To learn more go to the ’s official website.

IOC/IAKS Award 2011 and IPC/IAKS Distinction 2011

2009 Gold - Herzog & de Meuron Bird’s Nest

The International Olympic Committee and the IAKS are organizing the IOC/IAKS Award 2011 for Exemplary Sports and Leisure Facilities. At the same time, the International Paralympic Committee and the IAKS are holding the IPC/IAKS Distinction for Accessibility 2011.

Admitted to the 2011 are buildings completed and commissioned between 01.01.2004 and 31.03.2010. The entry must be jointly submitted by the designers and operators, deadline for participation is 31.03.2011.

For more information please go to the competition’s official website.

Network Reset: Rethinking the Chicago Emerald Necklace Competition

MAS Studio and the Chicago Architectural Club are sponsoring a to redesign the Boulevard System in a more effective and livable manner.

The international competition, NETWORK RESET, seeks to reactivate the entire boulevard system. The competition will focus on the urban scale and a larger framework for the system as well as smaller scale user impacts. NETWORK RESET aims to reactivate the entire Boulevard System of Chicago and to develop a quality transportation corridor.

For complete information go to the competition’s official website.

DawnTown 2011 Competition

DawnTown Miami is an annual architecture ideas meant to bring creative and inspiring new solutions to Downtown . Now in its fourth year, DawnTown is partnering with a local historic preservation group to help bring prominence to an early piece of ’s modern architecture period. This year’s contest topic is to design a complimenting structure to the Miami Marine Stadium in an effort to allow the historic site to become a great event space once again: The new structure will be The Floating Stage.

The competition seeks out fresh and inventive designs that will help promote not only downtown but the City of Miami, and it’s historical connections to modern architecture.

To enter, please visit the official website to download the competition brief. Registration is free and open to all designers, professionals or students.

Zerofootprint Re-Skinning Awards

Zerofootprint, a leading organization in the global fight against climate change, along with its partner the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, University of Toronto, is now welcoming nominations for the 2011 Re-Skinning Awards. This annual celebrates the year’s most successful, holistic retrofitting projects.

The Re-Skinning Awards invites the best minds in architecture, design, building, and engineering from around the world to submit building projects that demonstrate the innovative use of energy retrofitting technologies. Retrofitting and re-skinning involve the implementation of design solutions to dramatically reduce the environmental footprint of older, energy-inefficient buildings. This competition recognizes the year’s most progressive retrofitting projects that are make our cities more sustainable.

The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2011. For more information about the 2011 Zerofootprint Re-Skinning Awards, including detailed entry criteria and a list of last year’s prize winners, visit the competition’s official website.

International Design Ideas Competition for Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point Passenger Terminal Building

Courtesy of The Civil Engineering and Development Department of

The Civil Engineering and Development Department of Hong Kong has recently launched a International Design Ideas Competition for Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point Passenger Terminal Building and has shared with us their press release for this important piece of infrastructure.

For the full press release and the website please follow us after the break.

Ideas Competition 2011

The AIA Young Architects Forum (YAF) and the AIA Committee on Design (COD) invites architects, students, and allied design professionals to submit sketches to the international 2011 YAF/COD Ideas .

In this unique sketch competition, submitters are asked to explore the concept of Universal Design as well as their overlap with values of social and environmental sustainability.

Winners will be announced and will have their work exhibited at the American Institute of Architects () 2011 National Convention and Design Exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana, May 12-14, 2011. Selected entries will be displayed on the website.

For complete information visit the competition’s official website.

Network Reset: Rethinking the Chicago Emerald Necklace Competition

MAS Studio and the Chicago Architectural Club are pleased to announce the : NETWORK RESET, a single-stage international that seeks to provide ideas and actions that can reactivate the Boulevard System of Chicago and rethink its potential role in the city.

Participants are asked to look at the urban scale and propose a framework for the entire boulevard system as well as provide answers and visualize the interventions at a smaller scale that can directly impact its potential users. Through images, diagrams and drawings we want to know what are those soft or hard, big or small, temporary or permanent interventions that can reactivate and reset the Boulevard System of Chicago.

For more information, please visit the competition’s official website.

One Prize 2011: Water as the Sixth Borough

The ONE PRIZE committee invites the most talented and imaginative architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, artists, students, and individuals to propose ideas for the NYC Blue Network and The World’s Largest Clean Tech Expo in 2014.

These propositions must include; expanding waterborne transportation, linking the five boroughs with transit hubs, incorporating ferries, water taxis, bike shares, electric car-shares, electric shuttle buses, providing in-water recreation, educational events, cultural activities, pavilion halls, and climate resilience.

Jury after the break. More information on the ’s official website. (more…)

1.99 Real Housing: Communities + Designers

Reflecting the current state of architecture, urbanism and landscape discourse, Architecture for Humanity – Chicago, School of the Art Institute Chicago and the Village of Igarai are proud to announce, 1.99 REAL HOUSING: Communities + Designers, a call for ideas.

In an effort to advance the territory between top-down and bottom-up planning, for all types of interim, emergency, public and affordable housing design, 1.99 REAL HOUSING seeks to create a design platform that utilizes advanced sustainable architectural design solutions, together with local knowledge of materials, methods and systems to produce a new form of cooperative culture.

Submissions are due on January 25th. For more information, visit www.afh-chicago.org.

eVolo 2011 Skyscraper Competition

Just a reminder that the registration deadline for the eVolo 2011 Skyscraper is approaching.  Register by January 11, 2011, here, to participate in eVolo’s forum for the  discussion, development, and promotion of innovative concepts for vertical density.  eVolo is pleased to invite students, architects, engineers, and designers from around the globe to take part in the 2011 Skyscraper Competition.

More after the break. (more…)