Washington Monument Grounds Competition Finalists

© 2010 National Ideas Competition

Over 500 people from all across the country and around the world participated in the National Ideas Competition for the Washington Monument Grounds. From a field of twenty-four semifinalists, a distinguished jury chose six top ideas. Now it is the public’s turn to choose the top two People’s Choice winners. More information on the finalists and their proposals after the break. (more…)

re:CONNECT Open Ideas Competition

Courtesy of City of

re:CONNECT open ideas competition invites the citizens of Vancouver, to join with local and international designers to ignite discussion and dream new possibilities for the future of the Viaducts and the City’s broader Eastern Core. The utility and necessity of the and Dunsmuir viaducts has been an issue of polarized debate since they were reconstructed in their present form in the late 1960s. As the first piece of a larger freeway system that was planned but never realized, they stand as a symbol of an era of city-building that thankfully never more-fully materialized.

The future of the viaducts should be contemplated in the context of the broader Eastern Core of our city, which includes the strategically important industrial lands of the False Creek Flats. How we connect the downtown and Eastern Core is crucial to how our city functions and its economic future. More information on the competition after the break. (more…)

Concept of Reservation and Development of Kyiv Islands Competition

City State Administration, Central Agency for Urban Planning, Architecture and Urban Design with the support of National Union of Architects of are pleased to announce the open international architectural competition, ‘Concept of Reservation and Development of Kyiv Islands’. Contestants are requested to submit the best concept of preservation and development of Kyiv islands.

The winner is chosen by jury among all Participants. The competition envisages one “First Prize” of 20,000 (twenty thousands) U.S. $ and two “Second prizes” of 5,000 (five thousands) U.S. $ each. Additionally, the author of the winning project has the priority right to continue working on the project of conservation and development of Kyiv islands. International architects are more then welcome to compete. October 26, 2011, is closing date for registration and December 11, 2011, is closing date for contest entries to be delivered to the main office of organizers.

Please visit the official website for further information about the competition here.

4th Annual 48HRS Design Competition

Courtesy of Young Architects Forum of

The Young Architects Forum of Atlanta invites emerging architects, landscape architects, urban designers, industrial designers and students to participate in the fourth annual 48HRS design competition.

Intended to showcase the abilities of emerging designers and the value of good design to the greater public, the competition requires quick responses and fast, innovative thinking. The project brief, which will pose a design problem located in the city of Atlanta, remains confidential until the start of the competition. Once the brief is announced, participants have 48 hours to design and submit their entries.

Also, all entries will be exhibited in a show at the Museum of Design Atlanta in January 2012. More information on the competition after the break. (more…)

Metro Station 20 Competition

Courtesy of Municipality and Architecture Week

Sofia Municipality and Sofia Architecture Week invites all architects to participate in a competition for preliminary architectural design of Metro station 20 in Sofia, .

The project should be a proposal for a comprehensive sustainable architectural concept for the metro station and the public space above it. It should be designed according to the specific requirements of the underground rail transport system as well as the contemporary principals of urbanism.

The authors of the project that wins first prize will enter into an agreement with Sofia Municipality and Metropolitan EAD for commissioning the working documentation for this project. More information on the competition after the break. (more…)

2011 Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition

Courtesy of AIA Dallas

The Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition recognizes architectural visualizations from talented artists all over the world and represents the longest running delineation competition on record.

Ken Roberts was a Louisiana native and an architect who worked for the firm Craycroft-Lacy & Partners during the late 1960′s in Dallas. He then left to join forces with Dick Savage and later with Clutts & Parker to form Iconoplex, Inc in 1973. As his former boss Jack Craycroft recalls, Roberts was “a great designer and even better architect”. In addition, Roberts produced numerous immaculate ink perspective drawings of small residential and commercial projects that testified to an impressive facility for architectural rendering by hand. More information on the competition after the break. (more…)

Think Space: Moral Borders Competition

Courtesy of Zagreb Society of Architects

The Zagreb Society of Architects is launching the fourth and the last competition for this year’s Think Space cycle – Moral Borders. For this year’s annual cycle, the main theme connecting all four is Borders

Devised by Hrvoje Njirić, founder of Zagreb based njiric+ arhitekti, the architectural studio of international fame and visiting professor at architectural schools worldwide, Moral borders competition challenges contestants to radically examine the present day conditions by going beyond the stereotypes, patterns and typologies that have proven their inoperability, while exercising their own imperfect duties of civic agents in search of morally diverse frameworks of affordable utopias.

If we want to think about architecture as the social project today, it requires some support, more than ever. If we tend to believe it is possible to reinstall it, there are some questions to be answered. How to recreate any form of idealism as a necessary prerequisite, even if it is provisional, simulated or temporary? What forces can we mobilize to improve the weak impact on the public sector? How to regain the trust of the society? How to treat vague moral borders of our discipline? And finally, how to articulate the first utopias of the 21st century and how plausible can they be? For more information please visit the competition’s official website.

‘On the House’ Competition: Free Design Servies

Courtesy of

With a new firm name and a unique offer, Design Farm announced their new offer: Free Schematic Design Services to Individuals, Non-profits, Small Businesses and Developers. This is the essence of what makes this competition so unique. You submit the building project while you get to ride along through the design process from a licensed architecture firm.

The exciting competition titled “On the House” allows three lucky nominees to be chosen to work with a licensed architect to develop a complete schematic design package including preliminary floor plans, elevations, and 3D renderings of the selected project [custom designed specifically for the client and building site]. If you like what Design Farm designs for your project, you can hire them to take it through the completion of the project. If you do not like what they put together for you, it is still on the house although they will retain the copyright. More information on the competition after the break. (more…)

Call For Applications: Festival for Lively Architectures 2012

© Champ Libre pour le FAV

On the occasion to the 7th Festival of the Lively Architectures in , Champ Libre association throws a call for applications to realize 10 interventions.

The Festival is part of the city heart of Montpellier; it will take place in the heart of Montpellier and more specifically in the courtyards of certain town house. At the same time it will be proposed a course to the visitors, goes out of architectural discovery in the city heart. Deadline for all submissions is December 15th. More information after the break. (more…)

Un-Competition Project: Invent it, Design it, Build it

Courtesy of Black Spectacles

Black Spectacles, who has teamed up with the Chicago Architectural Club, has recently created The Un-Competition Project. Invent a project, design it, and post your design on our Facebook page, with a 60 second video. They want to hear how you came up with your project, what your design is, and how you are going to get it built.

So, no, there is no competition brief, and no, they’re not going to get your project built. You make the project up yourself, big or small- you sell it, and you figure out how to get it built. Then document it in a video, and they’ll show it to the world. More information on the competition after the break. (more…)

Pierscape at Navy Pier Competition

© 2011 ,

Navy Pier is the most popular attraction in Chicago, drawing nearly nine million visitors annually. Navy Pier, Inc., the newly formed not-for-profit entrusted with the redevelopment and operation of the Pier is conducting an international search for a Design Team to reimagine the Pier’s outdoor public spaces, or Pierscape.

This work at Navy Pier provides the opportunity for a Design Team to have a profound impact on one of the most important and visible public places in Chicago. Teams should have representatives from landscape architecture, architecture, urban design, communication and graphic design, lighting design, art curation, engineering, and other relevant disciplines. Navy Pier invites those interested in participating in this international search for a Design Team to respond to our Request for Qualifications and Design Proposals (“RFP”). More competition information after the break. (more…)

Urban Farm Design Competition

Courtesy of Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, Wal-Mart representatives and officials from the Office of Sustainability and Sustainable announced today a competition to design an urban farm on a vacant lot across from City Hall. The Trinity Avenue Urban Farm Design Competition was launched to support the city’s effort in establishing an effective and inspirational model for urban agriculture and furthering the city’s pursuit of becoming a Top 10 sustainable city. In addition, as part of Wal-Mart’s initial funding, there is a $25,000 award to the winning submission.

The contest is open to students, educators and professionals across in fields related to urban agriculture and landscape architecture. Interested competitors must register online here by October 15 and submit proposals by November 1. Once the winning design is chosen, the preparation of the land and design installation will begin immediately, with the farm scheduled to open to the public by the spring of 2012. More information the competition after the break. (more…)

Fentress Global Challenge 2011: Airport of the Future

Courtesy of

Fentress Global Challenge is an annual international competition created by Fentress Architects to engage students worldwide in the exploration of future design possibilities in public architecture. The competition theme changes each year to reflect current issues. For 2011, students around the globe are invited to envision the Airport of the Future.

Winning students will receive cash prizes and gain international exposure. Top design concepts will be exhibited online and in the Airport of the Future section of the international touring exhibition Now Boarding: Fentress Airports and the Architecture of Flight, which will offer a multi-media immersion into the past, present and future of airport design. It will open in North America in the summer of 2012, and will travel internationally through 2015. More information on the competition after the break. (more…)

‘The Core Project’ Ideas Competition

Courtesy of The Redwood Empire Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)

The City of , together with The Redwood Empire Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and a group of local business sponsors, is hosting The Core Project, an international design competition to generate innovative ideas for renewing the city center. A small town with a population of approximately 8,000 people, Sebastopol is the hub of western Sonoma County. It provides commercial and community access for roughly 50,000 people in outlying rural and residential areas but it retains a desirable small town feel. More information on the competition after the break. (more…)

Music-Themed Upscale Hotel Competition

Courtesy of International Design Idea Competition

All interested architects are invited to partake in an open international competition for a new 4 star hotel in , . The resort city, located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, is well known for its musical heritage, and the hotel will express elements related to music in its design concept.

The history of Jurmala has long been tied together with the musical character of the Baltic Sea – the sound of waves crashing on the beach, the whistling of old pine trees in the wind, the shrieking seagulls in the sky, the shifting sand under your feet, and even the distant chime of the leaving train – all of this and more creates a whole symphony in the memories of everyone who has ever been here. More competition information after the break. (more…)

[Un]Restricted Access Competition / Architecture for Humanity

Courtesy of
Architecture for Humanity has recently launched a graphic design competition to identify a compelling logo for the 2011 Open Architecture Challenge called [Un]Restricted Access. This year’s challenge is focused on re-purposing vacant military structures and sites. It will catalyze awareness, ideas, and most importantly – action.

Through a global forum, designers and architects will develop solutions that reconnect military and civilian communities. The history of these important spaces will be highlighted and hidden potential uncovered. The goal? Utilize these sites and structures for the greater good. But first things first.

Submissions are due no later than August 26 at 24:00 PST. You can enter here and find all necessary guidelines and information on the Open Architecture Network. The reward is $500 USD and a pair of night vision goggles. Yes, they’re for real.

Ten Ways to Redesign Design Competitions

, photo by Kristi van Riet via Wikimedia Commons

In his forthright and insightful essay, designer/author/Doors of Perception director John Thackara discusses problems with today’s design completions and offers up some compelling suggestions for change.

Complaints range from moralistic, “ are too often staged for wrong or unclear reasons;” to humanistic, “attention is usually focused on the thing rather than on the person or team behind the thing;” to mundane, “there is seldom enough time in the judging process to assess entries adequately.” I assume such complaints are obvious to anyone on the judging-side of the design competition world, and that saying all this out loud might come off as obnoxious, but as a recent architecture school graduate I appreciate Thackara’s full disclosure. Knowledge is power, y’all. Likewise, Thackara’s proposed redesigns range from pragmatic, “get real: Insist on external partners and a live context,” to idealistically postmodern, suggesting “ask entrants to create platforms and contexts in which diverse groups of people may co-design the systems, institutions and processes that shape our daily lives.” As reasonable as the suggestion may be, allusions to leftist, Los Angeles School-style activism might cause some readers to lose interest.

To read Thackara’s essay, follow this link.


2011 Orchids and Onions Competition

Courtesy of Architectural Foundation

The (SDAF) wants to know what you think makes San Diego’s architecture and design blossom – or stink, and is again soliciting public nominations through August 31 for projects to be considered for this year’s Orchids & Onions Awards. All San Diegans are encouraged to take a few moments to have their say about what they view as the good, the bad and the ugly in categories including Architecture, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Sustainable Design, and Miscellaneous; which covers just about everything in-between. By uploading a few photos on the SDAF’s Orchids and Onions website, along with your rationalization, you can be part of cultivating a more thoughtfully designed San Diego. More competition description after the break. (more…)