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  7. C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio

C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio

  • 01:00 - 1 December, 2008
C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio
C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio

C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio +15

  • Architects

  • Location

    Tokyo, Japan
  • Architect

    Gwenael Nicolas - Curiosity + Tomoyuki Ustumi - Milligram Studio
  • Structural Engineering

    Mitsuhiro Kanada
  • Main Contractor

    Mitsuhiro Kanada
  • Client

  • Area

    189.0 sqm
  • Project Year


From the architect. The originality of the c-1 project started from the design process. it is designed as a product, unique independant, a seamless space where architecture interior furniture and products will become an unique emotional experience, each carefully connected.

C-1 designed like a movie with a scenario and story boards, the basic design include from the beginning all the aspects of the project, from the shape of the building to the light switch position.

The basic design defines the different missions project that should be initiated to achieve the goal, from building design to tap design.

Thus unlike the usual process of articture projects which is of course designed from architecture, inetrior and finally products, all designs were developped in parallell.

The basic architectural design, a glass box surrounded by a walkway-gallery that connects the floor, was designed before the land was found. the basic design is defined from a user point of view, with movement and discovery as the main theme. the design is not defined by the wall and floor but by the movement of the user within the space, defined by a series of scenes. how the user will appear and disappear from floor to floor. to realise the seamless movement, the cooperate architec, tomoyuki ustumi proposed to use 25mm steel slabs as floor and finally the thickness finally comes to only 60mm when added to the flooring material. this is equivalent to a line in the architectural scale.

As the walkway surrounds the house, the interior should be designed in 3 dimensions, visble from floor level to ceiling level the top of a table is as visible as the buttom, a real 3d interior, and a very difficult challenge. using 3d animations the sequences of the interior were check from all angles.

Also, the challenge of c-1 is to define a different topology for the different aspects of life. an alternative to the existing our perception of space and object is the result of informations we memorized as we try to recognize things to understand them. c-1 design aim to define a different perception, the existence itself of each element and object is questioned.

1-the exterior of the building itself, a specific material like wood or concrete would reveal the scale of it, the actual finish create a scaleless architecture. in the same way to achieve seamless interior materials were developed. the facade finish and interior is the same, a textured white finish, a specific melamine (collaboration with aica) was created to achieve the same visual effect with high functional specification for strenghs and cleaning.

2-the size, proportion, hight and materials of furniture re-evaluated the perception of scale. without user within the space the real scale and size of the interior is difficult to evaluate. all the elements that could reveal the scale and function of the space were redesigned. the kitchen identity, usually revealled by the tap and hood design disappear as the tap (just a metal line) and hood (integrated vertically within the wall) was developped, so the kitchen function even open does not seems to exist.

A private house is not a canvas for life it should define life itself, each action and movement is defined and controlled by the design of the space and it creates the balance of life, the speed and rythm of the human body.

Cite: "C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio" 01 Dec 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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lizelle · March 14, 2016

Using C1 house for my architecture project at University, what is the scale of the drawings?

Esteban Suarez · August 10, 2012

C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio | ArchDaily via @archdaily << W.O.W.

Victoria Koumaridou · August 10, 2012

C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio | ArchDaily via @archdaily

GUILLERMO · June 05, 2012

C1 House + Milligram Studio #desing #architecture #arquitectura #diseño

de BOURNET Cécile · May 12, 2012

C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio | ArchDaily via @archdaily

Art & Architecture · May 12, 2012

Minimal House !!!

Sandeep Nicha · August 15, 2011

C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio | ArchDaily via @archdaily

sharwe · May 13, 2011

C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio ?????

Joshua Millburn · April 21, 2011

C1 House - (via @archdaily via @blueverticle) *so fresh, so clean. #minimalism #white #architecture

???????? · December 16, 2010

C1 House / Curiosity + Milligram Studio ?????????????????????+

graham mckay · October 20, 2010

I'll take the sofa over a 4.5 mat room anyday. Shame the rest of the house is so uptight.

Graham Cowen · October 20, 2010

Oh yeah ... stunning! Love the ramps. RT @bluevertical C1 House by Curiosity & Milligram Studio *so love this home

bluevertical · October 20, 2010

C1 House by Curiosity & Milligram Studio #architecture #interiordesign #minimalism #white *so love this home

Nina · October 19, 2010

The sterility is only original look of this interior itself. Quite new and pretty nice. More lively atmosphere will make house better and better lately.

Guilherme Rebelo · October 19, 2010

Casas japonesas: parte 1 circulação otimizada e luz maximizada

Lucas Rafael · February 01, 2010

RT @pedromiro: Uma casa minimalista feita no Japão (por Curiosity + Milligram Studio): ...

Pedro Miro · February 01, 2010

Uma casa minimalista feita no Japão (por Curiosity + Milligram Studio):

iyass · June 27, 2009

quiet + pure + simple

1105888 · June 23, 2009

Muy bueno..

2MACoff · May 30, 2009

?? ?? ???????????...

Perspective · May 07, 2009

Really zen! I like that way, all is so natural. Movement, shape, ...

pedja · March 12, 2009

great...fantastic...but cold,sterile...don't know if i could live in a home like this...of course tastes are all different

Sinking Cities · December 07, 2008

This is great. I love the simplicity of the project. The front elevation is fantastic, it definitely give the perception of "floating" architecture.

. · December 06, 2008

arquitetura: C1 house [Gwenael Nicolas+Tomoyuki Ustumi] Japão ----->

CHAMP · December 05, 2008
twu · December 05, 2008

does anyone know where this house is located in tokyo?

CHAMP · December 03, 2008

Cool & very Sharp!
Slope is creating a distance or separation between working and housing space.

Bolo · December 03, 2008

Nice, that's what i like. Simple = Perfect. Two, Three materials perfectly composed. Good architecture in person.

António · December 02, 2008

This one yes! Real nice! Would love to experience living in a house like this. In fact I'm afraid that wouldn't adjust myself. Perfect (for others)

scarpasez · December 02, 2008

A minimalist's fantasy. The axo is terrific, really captures the feeling of the enclosure.

Benjamin · December 02, 2008

minimalism personified. but it seems to work quite well as this house draws you in, not with its colours and complexity but with its curious form and shape that make you inclined to explore further.

Danyo Cummings · December 02, 2008

C1 House - i love this!

Contemporary Art · December 01, 2008

This house is beautiful. That may be one of the most compelling bathrooms I've ever seen. I always wonder in these ultra-empty homes, however, why there isn't room for a few sparsely curated artworks? Art would do much for this home, I think. But the bathroom is perfect.



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