Monte Silo / Gigaplex Architects

  • 29 Oct 2008
  • Houses Selected Works

Architects: Gigaplex Architects
Location: Woodland, Utah,
Client: Jonathan “Earl” Stein
Project year: 2006
Constructed area: 147 sqm
Photographs: Gigaplex


Our charge was to design a house for a newly single man with two grown daughters from whom he expects multiple grandchildren. Earl, the client, is foremost a sound engineer, but also a screenwriter (of course), director and producer in the film business, with many big Hollywood pictures to his credit, and hence he has to be on the road for lengthy periods of time. He requested a home both cozy in scale and yet comfortable for weekend guests up to fish the bountiful Provo River, which runs just alongside, to the south, and onto which he has access for a three-mile stretch. The goal was to provide both a visual and an aural connection to the blue ribbon waters coursing just a grandchild’s stone throw away. Earl had seen and witnessed several of the firm’s previous projects, and hence, from the very get go he asked that a cylinder be incorporated. It wanted to be smart. Shockingly, he also asked that the whole project be completed very inexpensively.


Not one but two corrugated metal grain silos, with a short, complementary link, were incorporated in order to help modulate the space and increase the square footage enough to comfortably house grandchildren, who will certainly be born with bamboo flyrods in their hands, and other guests, and to provide the required nooks, niches and other interstitial spaces enough to reek of coziness and holing up in the mountains until another job might raise its ugly but otherwise very real and seemingly necessary head.

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  • Musser

    I could easily live in this structure.

  • keten

    that’s one of the worst houses I’ve seen.
    The plans don’t match the pictures… the bed niches are not on there!
    I must be retarded.

  • vp

    pretty funny in a sad way

  • Rocket Valentino

    Oh, god…

    This is revolting and stupid.

    The only positive thing is the EA 115.

  • David Basulto

    Well, i actually loved how they abstracted something from the rural landscape and turned it into a non conventional housing typology.

  • Mohammad Ataullah

    Good use of material and good design.

  • Mr Earl

    Here is a link to the Owner/builders blog.

  • Piglet

    Won’t it be cold?

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  • tom


  • 2MACoff

    ну бля ДВА МУСОРНЫХ БАКА!!!

  • Ladzono

    No, no, no, bad…

  • m

    what brand are the bins? also what is the diameter and height of each?

  • Liza

    So cold!!!

  • pouria & yashar

    good design , bad material and also not matched with the area structure. the design of bed room is perfect and funny

  • Lynn

    I love it and want to build one on our land in Kansas.

  • carolyn rountree lester

    Want to meet Earl stein??,