Caldor Hotel / Söhne & Partner

© Severin Wurnig

Architects: Söhne & Partner
Location: Seedörfl, Vienna,
Design Team: Thomas Bärtl, Michael Prodinger , Guido Trampitsch
Client: Martin Reichard
Structural Engineers: Die Acht, Nasserzare
Project Area: 800 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Severin Wurnig

Seedörfl is a small collection of houses, the surrounding landscape is flat. To the northeast the federal highway B16 cuts through the fields. The two-storey folded volume of the building with its projecting snout, bedrooms on the first floor and striking perforated bands along the façade looks like a built logo. The large asphalted approach, turning and parking area and the self check-in facility in the open foyer give the building something of the flair of a motel. Rooms – from a size of only ten square meters – are reduced on a minimum which doesn’t feel small. The materials are reduced to a minimum too. The bathroom is screened by glass panes with a sliding door. As a result the red three-dimensional bathroom strip becomes an integral part of the room.

floor plan

Guests receive their key when they want – on the early morning or late night.

Self Check In

“This how you sleep today. Self Check In around the clock. No long waiting.” This is how the Hotel Caldor, close to the City border of Vienna, promotes the Hotel. A fallow land, just 8 minutes from the City border of Vienna City and very close to the biggest Shopping Centre of Austria, gave the landlord the idea to create a Self Check In Hotel. The site is next to a main road – B16.

© Severin Wurnig

The structure of the Hotel emerges along the road. From the centre cross point the Hotel is buckling. The buckling gives the Hotel a high profile from the main road – both directions. At the cross point you find the lobby, the main access, the check in machine, etc.

© Severin Wurnig

The curtain wall is on hand the protection against weathering for the cross point. On the other hand it also gives shade and shelter. The perforation of the façade panels plays with the logo of the Hotel, abstract its. Interesting spaces inside / outside are created which emphasizes the communication between them. Low building cost where the basis for moderate fees for the rooms. A single room has the size of only 10 m2, double rooms only 14 m2 including bathrooms. The combination of used colours and the use of just a glass wall as a separation between the room and the bathroom has created rooms which doesn’t feel small, even they are.

Products in this project

Facades: FunderMax

  • Facade / Stiegengeländer innen: Max Exterior by FunderMax

Joinery: Ariane Systems, Reinex, Ving Card, Velux

  • Check In System by Ariane Systems
  • LG 2RS by Reinex
  • Door handle / Cardsystem by Ving Card
  • Skylights by Velux
Cite: "Caldor Hotel / Söhne & Partner" 17 Jul 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>
  • R Goldschmidt

    Ich liebe es, ich bin weniger Rede. Tolle Arbeit, simmply zu lesen und zu verstehen. Really great Haut und Diagramm. Es ist magnific (Tr:I love it, I am speach less. Great work, simmply to read and understand. Really great skin and diagram. It is magnific)

  • up_today_arch

    Nice design! Very clear shape and fresh look of this building. Surprised by simplicity of the plan behind so playful elevations. Perfect solution for private villa, for example:)

  • dezzo

    inasmuch as I like the facade and wished that this was a house by its own merit, I baulked when I read “hotel”. It’s as hospitable as an industrial warehouse. Imagine having breakfast there, while cars pull up in slushy winter, or having to brave the cold back to the room through the open aired corridors, or emerging to the outside in blazing summer heat. Self-check in is not a new concept. for a better implementation of this.

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