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House of Resonance / FORM | Kouichi Kimura

  • 01:00 - 9 June, 2010
House of Resonance / FORM | Kouichi Kimura
House of Resonance / FORM | Kouichi Kimura, © Takumi Ota
© Takumi Ota

© Takumi Ota © Takumi Ota © Takumi Ota © Takumi Ota +29

From the architect. This is the small house for a couple, child, and cat.

The client lived for a long time in the old house that was built on the site. As the house became older, they decided to build a new house.

© Takumi Ota
© Takumi Ota

With such a background, a proposal was made to build “a house with fresh feeling in the familiar surroundings”.

The external appearance is established by assembling several volumes and laying out colors. Careful arrangement of colors from volume to volume gives the façade depth, and produces as well an effective sequence to the entrance.

For the internal configuration, the stairway and open ceiling, which are positioned in the center as the core of the building, are surrounded by each room and courtyard. The material, color, and light that match each room are selected to strongly express the space’s design. As a result, the space sterically rises and horizontally creates migration, which mixes variety of material textures, colors, and lights together, succeeding in generating various feelings.

© Takumi Ota
© Takumi Ota

The migration of light and shadow, makes the space and life resonant with each other, and adds richness.

Cite: "House of Resonance / FORM | Kouichi Kimura" 09 Jun 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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waitingkate · October 04, 2011

House of Resonance / FORM | Kouichi Kimura | ArchDaily ? ??????? @archdaily

shakermaker · February 11, 2011

I don't know for Japan, but in france the neighbours window should have been 3 meters away from the other plot, minimum. So the wall is rude, but the neighbour should have think to this before... we have to take the light inside of the plot we build in, not in the neighbour area...

??? · September 01, 2010

Reading: "House of Resonance / FORM | Kouichi Kimura | ArchDaily"( ) · August 22, 2010

Colour or not. Light or not. Design makes it happen. @plethoraapp

asdf · June 14, 2010

a wall in front of the neighbours window (and so close!) is not very friendly...
but well, who needs neighbours when you've got cats?...

rlds · June 13, 2010

i guess westerners only wants spiking angles everywhere on their house, and thats what they called "wow"


Gerhard · June 11, 2010

From outside this looks quite nice for fast-food restaurant. Very nice drive-though windows one for taking the money the other for giving the fast-food.

Ozmoto · June 11, 2010

Japanese designers, please go away until you learn something worth sharing.

Michael · June 11, 2010 04:19 AM


Please don't be so disrespectful.

This house IS worth sharing.
It is complex.
It is well-crafted and considered.
It is quiet and beautiful.

And to everyone who is complaining about the lack of 'wow', well, that's just the point.
Why does everything have to scream 'crazy!'?

huji · June 11, 2010


Mr P · June 11, 2010

GOsh, you're right.
It is so rude.
Architect should be sensitive to the surrounding space as much as to the site.

GOsh · June 10, 2010

The old, slap your nabour in the face entrence trick..!, this time in a grand gray scale. Putoh, how can this stuff wow you? When did you get the wow experience?,
I say dont missuse the wowness.

putoh · June 10, 2010

wow~simple and nice...i like it


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© Takumi Ota

共鸣之屋 / FORM | Kouichi Kimura