GB House / MMEB Architects

© Éder Bispo

Location: Alphaville, Cuiabá/MT,
Authors: Márcia Miranda & Éder Bispo Architects
Light designer: Michele Acosta
Structural Engeneering: Paulo Pozzobom
Total Foor Area: 531,00 sqm
Year of the project: 2007
Year of manufacture: 2009
Photographs: Rai Reis & Éder Bispo

ground floor plan

Search redeem a little of the qualities of the old houses “cuiabanas”, as present in our imaginary, expressed through the patio, balcony, foot high duty of large openings, and natural light and natural ventilation. Raises a place to live, reaffirmed by the possibility of integration between people, the work and the environment. The project is the result of a reflection on the live.

© Rai Reis
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  • Gramsci

    Nice project, but the text makes no sense at all… Maybe best to post in Portuguese, than just run it through Google Translate…

  • vinicius

    hey archdaily visitors !
    that office made me remenber another one.
    Cool Archtecture!!!

    • y0

      Actually, this one is MMEB, not MMBB..

  • Nicholas Patten

    I'd Live Here: GB House.

  • jlburke

    ArchDaily people, do some content editing in the projects you publish, please!! The text is incomprehensible and the fact you publish it as is, makes you look like some amateur blog.

  • vinicius
  • j.

    Indeed, the text is very poor. And as a portuguese speaker (I am brazilian), I can say that even in Portuguese it would not make no sense at all.

    It is a pity that this post does not include section drawings, maybe they would show internal spaces and ambiences more exciting than the ones that have been presented.

    Regarding the house – and specially the design itself -, I must admit that nothing on the project rings the bell on me. The volume where the main entrance is located externally seems to provide an interesting internal spaciality, once its shape also seems to be irregular, however other pictures reveal that it is only the shape of the facade wall that is irregular.

    The projects seems to lack landscape design, some pictures taken from the street reveal that only a few palm trees lay outside, placed each one in a reasonable poor manner.

    A good example of the “sophisticated” architecture so desired by most of the rich and uncultured brazilian customers.