National Parliament Principality of Liechtenstein / Hansjoerg Goeritz Architekturstudio

© Jürg Zürcher

Architects: Hansjoerg Goeritz Architekturstudio
Location: Vaduz,
Collaborators: Anne-Claire von Braunmühl, Stefan Höpfinger, Mario Bearth, Marc Berliat, Fritz Eggenberger
Local Architects: FrickArchitekten AG
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Jürg Zürcher
Products used in this project: , Door & windows hardware.

Following the success of the Hansjörg Göritz Architekturstudio in an international European competition of the year 2000, seven years of planning and implementation are now completed. Today the built exterior and interior spaces manifest not only his interpretation of democratic separation of powers within the Alamannic cultural region of the Alps’ Rhine River valley. They also stand for a conscious understanding of an architecture of urban contiguity, whereby the original masterplan of Luigi Snozzi has been newly reinterpreted.

© Jürg Zürcher
context elevation

At the same time the pure and meticulous materialization of the new context rejects generic easy conventions, and strive for an architecture of space and timelessness. It is this very elementary and sustainably durable quality that makes use of non-renewable resources according to rigorous Minergy-Standards. In the plenum the sublime art of Sabine Laidig creates a synthesis with this space creation of simplicity.

© Jürg Zürcher
© Jürg Zürcher


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  • Nicolás Saieh

    Brick Brick Brick / National Parliament Principality of Liechtenstein / Hansjoerg Goeritz Architekturstudio | ArchDaily

  • l

    This is outstanding, even the drawings are great.

    • Teo

      O U T S T A N D I N G indeed

  • Commentator

    Thumbs up for showing the details!

  • fokt


  • Ricardo


  • Alex

    Wow, what an unmitigated disaster. Beige brick on everything like poor 70′s modernism! It looks like the awful kind of low-budget government buildings and schools and churches we have scores of in South Texas. Yikes.

    • H. Roark

      Well if thats crap architecture in south Texas I’m moving to Texas.

    • R Goldschmidt

      By the way, 70′s modernist? Come on Dude. Learn some history my friend. Looks more like Venturi, then Corbusier modernism.

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    National Parliament Principality of Liechtenstein / Hansjoerg Goeritz Architektur via

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    National Parliament Principality of Liechtenstein / Hansjoerg Goeritz Architektur @BreakingArch:

  • The Big Black & White Zebra

    One of the very best buildings on the site…
    When you think of what the Scottish Parliament’s says about its Government – excess and gaseous verbosity expressed by Miralles’ architecture, the people from this tiny principality have created a project of unparalleled strength from the most mundane of building materials.
    Now I do not profess to be knowledgeable in the principalities style of traditional architecture, but in the dark recesses of my mind I have some recognition of the steeply pitched roofs and strips of small horizontal windows. This is tradition continued and translated in a most imaginative form.
    That this building lives equally with the grandeur of the original carved stone buildings says much for its strength of design…
    A great acheivement

  • Graham Cowen

    Ooh, pointy! RT @BreakingArch National Parliament Principality of Liechten… via

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    それで思い出しました。現在パラッツォ・デッレ・エスポジツィオーネ(ローマ)でデ・キリコ展が開催中です。7月11日まで。 RT: @kthyk: キリコの世界みたいだ、面白そう。

  • Mies van der Rohe

    National Parliament Principality of Liechtenstein / Hansjoerg Goeritz Architekturstudio European Architecture <3

  • FG

    Seems a hokey pastiche of 1950′s, early 60′s contextualism/empiricism with Arne Jacobsen detailing.

  • æon

    if those are really bricks, they give an engineering work which is nice to appreciate, and even more with ornamentation lack spaces and lines so clean. The size of the “triangle” with an upper acute angle and no windows, makes a difference in the place

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  • http:/ Todd

    Yes, I concur, timeless and outstanding!

  • dimis

    I visited the place six months ago. This project is really great!

  • op

    i visited this place a year ago and it was great experience. very nice atmosphere, not brutal for shure, elegant details, and no fake stuff. building, publick space and even parking… …everything elegant and very well designed

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  • sullka

    This is amazing!

    The attention to detais is incredible, even the retaining wall is thoroughly designed.

    Top notch work.

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  • Magnus Karlsson

    National Parliament Principality of Liechtenstein — #architecture

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  • Seb

    wow… great design and the drawings are amazing… such a delicate project