Palmyra House / Studio Mumbai

© Helene Binet

Architects: Studio Mumbai
Location: Nandgaon, Maharashtra, India
Principal Architect: Bijoy Jain
Project Team: Jeevaram Sutar, Roy Katz, Mangesh Mhatre, Samuel Barclay
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Helene Binet

Located outside of Mumbai on the Arabian Sea, Palmyra House was built as a refuge from the bustle of the busy city. The 3000 sq ft. house consists of two wooden louvered structures set inside of a functioning coconut plantation. Anchored to stone platforms, the structures overlook a network of wells and aqueducts that weave the site into an inhabitable whole. Living room, study and master bedroom are contained in the north volume, while the south volume contains the kitchen, dining, and guest bedrooms. Set in the plaza between the buildings, the pool provides a channel for swimming, with expansive views of the sea to the west and views into a dense foliage of palms to the east.

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© Helene Binet

Structural framing for the house was built of ain , a local hardwood, and was constructed using traditional interlocking joinery. The extensive louvres were handcrafted from the outer part of the palmyra trunk (a local palm species). Exteriors are detailed with hand-worked copper flashing and standing seam aluminum roofs; interior surfaces are finished with teakwood and India Patent Stone, a refined pigmented plaster. Locally quarried black basalt was used to construct the stone plinths, aqueduct walls and pool plaza.

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    This really does deserve a wow!!!… I can smell the exotic Indian hardwood from here
    A building that so respects its context and the environmental conditions is rare.
    It’s lightness cools you and touches the ground with a refreshing brevity. W should all build more local architecture…

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    I would love to be sitting in there right now enjoying the cross-breeze, sipping a mango lassi, and looking at the beach. Well done guys!

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    Many congratulations on a very fine building, a building that is beautifully resolved and made. a building that sits so effortlessly and modestly amongst those trees. Who could not imagine wandering barefoot through those shadowed spaces?

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    Dusty. At the end of the day this place is most likely uninhabitable. It must have 2 inches of dust.

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      Not too dusty, its a vacation house, when there are no occupants, a dust screen is hung inside the louvers to keep the cross breeze out.

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    Would love to get updates on your projects! Also, we have a home decor store and deal in customised lighting and furniture for the home…Would like to feature some of our collections with you…

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