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  7. Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten

Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten

  • 01:00 - 23 May, 2010
Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten
Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten, © Brigida Gonzalez
© Brigida Gonzalez

© Brigida Gonzalez © Brigida Gonzalez © Brigida Gonzalez © Brigida Gonzalez +31

From the architect. An intensive and stimulating dialog with our client inspired us to new views. It also inspired us to over think (some of) our beliefs.

© Brigida Gonzalez
© Brigida Gonzalez

Several functions, representative and private areas were to relate to and, at the same time, to clearly distinguish themselves from each other.

© Brigida Gonzalez
© Brigida Gonzalez

A combination of differing relations, resulting not only from the topography but also from diverse requirements to the building, leads to an individual living space. Tailored to the particular requirements of the house owner, this habitat cannot be determined typologically.

© Brigida Gonzalez
© Brigida Gonzalez
Cite: "Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten" 23 May 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Tal Shitrit · November 10, 2011

Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten | ArchDaily · August 24, 2010

Fabulous... It&#39s worth living @plethoraapp

Apolonio Valdovinos · May 28, 2010

1st memory of design was a modern house in Marin in Arch Digest when I was 6. That was 30 years ago! Looked like this

Michael Baugus · May 25, 2010

Exterior curtins? Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten | ArchDaily

Pablo Saimon Nunes · May 25, 2010

Reading: "Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten | ArchDaily"( ) · May 24, 2010

Nice house: Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten

julian vallejo · May 24, 2010

Reading: "Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten | ArchDaily"( )

bluevertical · May 24, 2010

Haus mit Atelier by C18 Architekten #architecture #interiordesign #minimalism #white *love it!

Home Decor News · May 24, 2010

Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten #architecture

Eduardo H. de Souza · May 24, 2010

Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten #architecture (via @archdaily) (via @icaroarq)

icaro.arq · May 24, 2010

Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten #architecture (via @archdaily)

arnold · May 24, 2010

luxury and aristocratic house. the client, I fell, is a big aesthetics lover. very bright house. beautiful views through the windows.

only one thing was suprised me: the exterios decoration: such small form white tiles often using in the interior spaces (toilet, bathroom, kitchen). so such exterior decoration looks a bit crazy (stupidly). for such respectable house you need to use the respectable exterior material (various colors granite slabs or smth else).

very interesting decision about curtains (smth a bit similar to one 'old' japan house, where curtains was used instead of walls/borders). yes, in such way the house looks very interesting and individual, but I don't know how much this decision is practical?

Felix · May 24, 2010 11:24 PM

you probably mean the Curtain Wall House by Shigeru Ban.
Although here i don´t see any real reason to close the curtain.

I guess it´s a trap to dump unsuspecting people in the pool when they are coming in from the garden.

Habito Kun · May 24, 2010

Sorry but the exterior looks like a Public Toilet. It could be replaced with a plain white or concrete wall.
The Fabric of the curtains could be traded with that of a Sail boat. It would stand up against mother nature.
The interior works for me just fine. It is simple clean and futuristic.
I love the little details like the tree garden in the house.
Sorry for my english.

Marcus · May 26, 2010 02:35 AM

exactly my thought.
Bigger tiles (120cmx60cm) would work for me.

gbh · May 24, 2010

Haus mit Atelier / C18 Architekten: © Brigida Gonzalez
Architects: C18 Architekten
Location: Waldstetten-Wißgoldin...

Ballista Magazine · May 24, 2010

There are a lot of careful balances in this piece that are really working in my humble opinion. The highly-machined finishes of the exterior are coupled with the natural materials of the interior, the exterior hard and soft surfaces are working in harmony, and there is just enough color to exaggerate the contrasts throughout. I wonder how the exterior curtains will stand up against Father Time and Mother Nature, but it's a very interesting project nonetheless. Landscaping and people might be nice additions to the project, but it's working for me!


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© Brigida Gonzalez

带工作室的住所 / C18 Architekten