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Spectacles Jeux Restaurant / Malcotti Roussey Architectes

  • 01:00 - 16 May, 2010
Spectacles Jeux Restaurant / Malcotti Roussey Architectes
Spectacles Jeux Restaurant / Malcotti Roussey Architectes, © Nicolas Waltefaugle
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

© Nicolas Waltefaugle © Nicolas Waltefaugle © Nicolas Waltefaugle © Nicolas Waltefaugle +25

From the architect. This project is located in the space that was left free in the ancient saline, a place that was partially destroyed. It is situated in Salins-les-Bains near the museum, which is being restored (see the museum fact sheet).

In March 2007, a fire took place in the former and major building of the saline called « pardessus ». It included a restaurant, an auditorium and a gambling room. This event has been rapidly perceived as an opportunity to give a better unity to the buildings of the ancient saline, and to increase the coherence of the patrimonial and museum offers.

In a legitimate concern not to isolate an attractive activity, important for the development of the city, the town council wished to maintain it in the city centre.

As we started to think about a planning of the ancient saline and of its site, the project of the new auditorium and gambling room has been entrusted to our office.

© Nicolas Waltefaugle
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

The programme includes the construction of a restaurant room and an auditorium with a seating capacity of 200 patrons, a gambling room of 420 m2, and a range of services available and related to this activity.

- The consideration of the planning was led as part of the architecture competition of the museum. The basis of the reflexion was caused by the fact that emptiness took precedence over what had been built in this site.

How to absorb a building of a considerable size (1200 m2 useful) in this space.

- How to combine two opposing programmes, on the one hand a museum, and on the other hand a casino, both situated within a single place.

Consequently, how to unite two opposite architectural attitudes: the intervention in the museum has to be necessarily unnoticeable, while the intervention in the auditorium has to be noticed.

The unification with the patrimonial site: the setting up of the new building takes up the lines of the constructions that were demolished during the Second World War and keeps its main characteristics, strut along the river, long longitudinal crosswall, and covered gallery.

At the back of the new building, the wall, which followed the river, and the other wall situated on the north boundary will be restored or reconstructed in order to give again a better clearness to the ancient limits of the saline.

© Nicolas Waltefaugle
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

The conception of the architectural project: a double outer shell allows combining the two contradictory constraints of the project. The choice of a similar treatment for the exterior skin in the two sites, made of rusty steel enables to find again the atmosphere of the industrial site and to keep a contemporary and singular architectural style. Into the background, the second front wall is richer and more luxurious, adapted to the symbolism of the building’s programme.

The space between those two outer shells thus brings a depth to the building, and the public ambulatory which is formed links the building to the life of the city.

This ambulatory will be extended later in the direction of the town hall at the north, and in the direction of the museum at the south.

We are still thinking about the current urban project.

© Nicolas Waltefaugle
© Nicolas Waltefaugle

Finally, the level of the ground floor has been raised 31 inches approximately in order to respect the instructions in case of a flood, and also to create a sort of levitation effect appropriate to provide a clear reading of this contemporary contribution to this age-old area.

Principle of building

The parts from the socle to the paving of the ground floor are made of concrete, resting on two posts. Therefore, archaeological traces of former buildings are not affected by the project, the posts being set back from the substructures localised after archaeological research.

At the top, the assemblage of the structure is made of components that are prefabricated in a factory in order to satisfy deadline requirements (the construction process lasting a year): the structure is mainly metallic, with a mixture of studwork, wood frame, curtain wall.

The façades giving onto the street are made of steel that becomes patinated with age, the rear part being covered with wood.

Location to be used only as a reference. It could indicate city/country but not exact address. Cite: "Spectacles Jeux Restaurant / Malcotti Roussey Architectes" 16 May 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Gydeval · October 15, 2011


Ladieda · October 14, 2011

Leuk tentje.

Michel Malcotti · May 24, 2010

R. Aranda,
Venant de vous, je regrette que vous considériez cet emprunt comme une imposture .Il n’est pas un emprunt formel de plus, mais la réponse à un problème. J’assume cet emprunt, et je veux croire que notre projet ne se réduit pas à cela. Fallait-il « maquiller » l’emprunt pour le rendre moins reconnaissable ? Ce n’est pas mon avis .
Le projet de la façade est né avant de connaître vos travaux. Nous avions à résoudre un problème de site : intégrer une masse imposante dans un site historique délicat, et faire accepter la présence d’un programme attaché au divertissement dans un site patrimonial lié au labeur. L’idée de double peau/filtre, partiellement porteuse dans notre cas, la nécessité de rendre ce filtre sculptural, rude et secret, sans monumentalité, à la manière d’une forêt de branches , la création d’un déambulatoire pour prolonger une promenade, sont venus très tôt. Il faut reconnaître que la manière de poser cette question aujourd’hui, n’est pas très originale Combien de projets travaillent autour de cette idée de peau et de résille ! Nos références ont été trop nombreuses pour pouvoir en faire un véritable tri. C’est le travail de Peter Lorenz, en particulier le Mpreis qui a guidé nos premiers choix.
La découverte de votre projet de Bibliothèque et de vos autres projets est plus tardive. Elle a eu lieu au moment de la mise au point technique du projet. L’idée de plier les tôles pour les rendre plus rigides, évitant une structure secondaire nous a vite intéressé. Elle apportait une réponses évidente et simple à notre propre problème . L’avons-nous reprise de manière trop littérale ? Peut-être. Mais il est vrai que nous n’avons pas la religion de l’originalité à tout prix. La pertinence de la question est plus importante que la réponse apportée. On ne fait pas ce métier sans un minimum de culture architecturale et je pense que les réponses de chacun peuvent être profitables à tous...
Encore une fois, j’admire le travail de RCR (à travers les livres pour l’instant), et regrette cette contreverse. Je suis prêt à poursuivre cette discussion avec vous personnellement.

Carlos · May 18, 2010

Spectacles Jeux Restaurant / RCR ARQUITECTES

Aranda · May 17, 2010

This is a rip-off of that RCR restaurant near Girona. Shame on you Malcotti Roussey!

me · May 17, 2010

wtf....maybe its only me, but this is not cool!

Architecture News · May 17, 2010

RT @DISAGRO: Spectacles Jeux Restaurant / Malcotti Roussey Architectes: © Nicolas Waltefaugle
Architects: Malcotti Roussey Arch...

GoP · May 17, 2010

Nice Project but incredible ugly Interior Design!

Olivier · May 17, 2010

This façade is just a bit too close to the one RCR built for the library in barcelona!

Fran · May 17, 2010

I love RCR to !

Architecture Design · May 17, 2010

RT| Spectacles Jeux Restaurant / Malcotti Roussey Architectes: © Nicolas Waltefaugle
Architects: Malcott... @archdaily


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