1111 Lincoln Road / Herzog & de Meuron

© /1111Lincoln Road Shot Reprinted with permission from MBeach1, LLLP.

We saw this project during its design and construction phase and now, thanks to photographer Nelson Garrido, we present you 1111 Lincoln Road by Herzog & de Meuron completed.

This mixed use project is currently being built at the corner of Alton and Lincoln, one of the most active pedestrian areas in the city, and it will include residences, retail spaces and parking. Parking takes a central space in this building, with one of the best views I have ever seen on a parking space.

Jacques Herzog stated that this builing will reinterpret the essence of Tropical Modernism, and it somehow reminds me of the modern movement in Brazil, with raw structures providing shade, while containing smaller enclosing sub-elements. The slabs stand over a set of irregular columns, giving a sense of a precarious equilibrium. These columns also cast different shadows, giving more character to the facade.

But there are more references to Brazil’s modernism: interior courtyards by landscape architect Raymond Jungles, follower of  Roberto Burle Marx (renowned figure of the modern movement in Brazil).

© Nelson Garrido/1111Lincoln Road Shot Reprinted with permission from MBeach1, LLLP.
© Nelson Garrido/1111Lincoln Road Shot Reprinted with permission from MBeach1, LLLP.
© Nelson Garrido/1111Lincoln Road Shot Reprinted with permission from MBeach1, LLLP.
© Nelson Garrido/1111Lincoln Road Shot Reprinted with permission from MBeach1, LLLP.

The project, developed by Robert Wennett, includes 300 parking spots, the building includes eleven shops and three restaurants at ground level, with further shopping on the fifth floor, another restaurant on the roof, and luxury residences.

© Nelson Garrido/1111Lincoln Road Shot Reprinted with permission from MBeach1, LLLP.
© Nelson Garrido/1111Lincoln Road Shot Reprinted with permission from MBeach1, LLLP.
© Nelson Garrido/1111Lincoln Road Shot Reprinted with permission from MBeach1, LLLP.
© Nelson Garrido/1111Lincoln Road Shot Reprinted with permission from MBeach1, LLLP.
© Nelson Garrido/1111Lincoln Road Shot Reprinted with permission from MBeach1, LLLP.
© Nelson Garrido/1111Lincoln Road Shot Reprinted with permission from MBeach1, LLLP.

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  • http://twitter.com/garymcginty/status/13567039094 Gary Mc Ginty

    RT @archdaily: 1111 Lincoln Road / Herzog & de Meuron http://archdai.ly/chcxcn

  • ryan

    um. because of the architect im inclined to believe that it must be an interesting building, but the photographs really only tell the story of parking your car, however nice that may be. I want to see more photos. and someday, plans. this did not sell the building

    • frankly speaking

      Hey, by the way you sound, I am pretty sure you are just a student. If you want to see parking layout plans, google it or read Architect’s studio companion. Usually they are the same. What is different in this building is the idea of openness and aesthetic of the playful structure, which would have been a very dull one if they were designed by a generic architect.

      • not ryan

        hey, you sound a like a douche.

      • H & M lover and obviously not a student

        Idea of openness sounds ok….but I am not sure I understand the notion of aestheticism you are implying. It looks more unimpressive to me than many other H & M buildings.

      • MPArch

        Only reason parking buildings are designed by generic architects is because who wants to pay Herzog & de Meuron a fee to design a parking building? A “generic” design would fit double the cars and cost 1/4 the price. The detail of the small steel wires holding up the stairs (sculpture?) probably took more design and construction time than a generic design would have taken to build.

        Just being practical :)

    • franklin

      architecture is better in person.
      it’s an awesome parking garage. and fits in well with its surroundings. It contrasts the dense massive white building right next to it with a lightness that is extraordinary and takes advantage of the amazing views of the miami beach skyline. The details are awesome. Like the edges of the floor plate resembles a knife the way it thins at the edges.
      giving an awesome perceived lightness to the building. Also driving in the garage the compression and contraction of the floor plates emphasizes the lightness of the larger spaces and makes you go Wooah when you get to the top and the skyline meets you.

      There are other parking garages in the area but this is one that fits in with row of shopping and retail that exists in the area, that lincoln is known for. I think they designed the public promenade in front of the garage too which is an awesome extension to what had already existed and makes use of concrete in a wonderful way.

      • corona

        with all your frantic accusations to the structure, i believe some of you lack the sense of appreciation. this building is a total example of ingenuity. ingenuity in a sense that a parking structures can be designed in a generic manner but still, this structure and its designer Herzog & de meuron in particular, took a leap to change from what is basic and boring. by just simply seeing the building, it exercise our minds to curiosity, playfulness and creativity, and with that we should be lightened with what architecture has to bring.

  • ton

    with the first pic i thought it was a “mediatheque”;)

  • iko

    hmmm…looks like a nice garage!So H&deM are back to basics…but not in a very successful way.The first picture has quality though…I’m confused…have to see it in real!

  • http://uptodayarch.blogspot.com up_today_arch

    I am sure, in real it has very poor quality, as I can see on pictures… This kind of architecture needs german quality of concrete construction activity.

    • young jun choi

      What’s that evidence?

      • http://uptodayarch.blogspot.com up_today_arch

        6-th picture and my background, I’v seen same building in Munich, it looks like paper model.

    • joninberlin

      You need english lessons.

      • http://uptodayarch.blogspot.com up_today_arch

        Yes, sure.

      • shetu

        I dont find any problem with his english!
        (may b I need a lesson too!)

  • seiji

    I went to take a look at it in real life, me and a few friends drove up it and i have to say i think the building is something you really have to experience firsthand to appreciate more.

    it was a very cool experience for a garage..

    i didnt get to take a look at the shops and other program in it though

  • windzerg

    It looks nicer when the lights on.

  • Samuel

    The carpark would be a really odd experience I think – there is a lot of open air between you and the edge of the building.

    Having said that the structural concept of this doesn’t look too revolutionary. Elegant, certainly.

  • arnold

    this building in the dayligt looks like incomplete structure.

    I think, that the best views of this building – are in the evening, to the artificial lighting (foto).

    the views in daylight – well.. if it is Herzog & de Meuron creation work, so maybe I must think, that it is conceptual and high level project?

    Yes, the Idea is artistical, but something missing here.. some kind of “spice”.

  • César Castro

    Looks more like the British Brutalism rather than Tropical Modernism

  • palm tree

    I live an Miami and i know how bad things can get in terms of the architectural quality of buildings. Believe me, having this building in our panorama is a BIG breath of fresh air. Luckily for Miami local people are starting to realize the power of architecture and some good architects have been hired to do better things. Let’s see what happens in the near future. I just hope it gets better..

  • Daniel

    I walked by this randomly while in Miami last August and it just struck me as odd. At the time I had no idea it was a H&D building. Then this Spring my school took the first year architecture students (I’m third year) to Miami on a class trip to study typology. They happened to go visit this building and one of my professors reported back saying “this was the most outstanding parking garage I have ever seen” and another professor said “I never really enjoy H&D’s work until now”

    Seems like you “have to be there” to truly appreciate it.

    • Learn more

      yeah, man, those above naysayers are too young to understand.

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  • John

    Not really that different to the rest of miamis styling, a design that without constant expensive upkeep will look decrepit in 10 years.

    But it is breathtaking now.

  • jugo

    the best of the year

    • keechuan m’sia

      i felt great seeing this.

      but wanna knw
      wat kind of structure is this ? how to do it without beam ?
      (i m student…)

      • SP freshgrad SG

        Probably a concrete flatslab system, in which the slabs are thicker, maybe around 200-250mm thk to support the load rather than a 150mm thk floor slab with a 600mm thk concrete beam.

        The architect also took time to detail the edges to taper off nicely to around 100-150mm thk, as you can see from the photographs. This makes the slab look thinner than it really is when seen from the ground.

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  • http://www.critiquethis.us james

    I just added an extensive photo gallery of this project to my site, enjoy!


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  • Irina

    The incompleteness of this structure is provocative. I may be alone in this but to me, incomplete, under construction building (when they aren’t covered in tarp) are the most interesting. We can glance into the inner workings, the connections, the assembly, the raw material. But regardless of the reference, like franklin said, there is architecture ingenuity and concept is something as simple, programmatically as a parking garage. The context is taken into account and contrasts its neighboring building quite well.

  • http://www.findgroomers.com dog grooming

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people agree with you. But it’s human nature for some to disagree. But whatever. They’re in the minority.

  • Dumb

    Excuse me, I didn’t read the text. Is it an open car museum?