House with Court / K+S Architects

© Hiroshi Ueda

Architects: K+S Architects / Nobuya Kashima + Aya Sato
Location: Tokyo,
Structure Engineer: SHI (Takumi Shinbo)
Site Area: 181.88 sqm
Built Area: 90.93 sqm
Total Floor Area: 159.42 sqm
Project Year: 2005
Photographs: Hiroshi Ueda

It is a duplex house with the Court.

A tree planted  in the Court   keep a moderate distance  between the child and parent households.

© Hiroshi Ueda

I specially designed and put a  big window such as the Art Museum.

floor plans

in the front and showed a happy expression  positively to the town by displaying various things, since the house stands a little away from the road due to the flagpole like land shape. When facing to the Court, inside and outside the house  are united by opening a sliding door that also  creates a widely open space.

© Hiroshi Ueda

While ensuring privacy of two households, it is  considered that they are able to feel their presence each other in the house.

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    japanease architects are just so great, they define the home space so well…i find the japaneases homes as example of great contemporary architecture.

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      yes man, i just love it, i like to work for any firm in japan for mi internship.

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