360 House / Subarquitectura

© David Frutos

Architects: Subarquitectura
Location: Galapagar, Madrid,
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: David Frutos

A unique opportunity for us is in reality a problema that’s been posed thousands of times: to construct a house with a public programme of social relation, associated with the prívate life of a numerous family on a sloping plot of land with privileged views of the mountains outside Madrid. It has no one solution, there are many, they’re even catalogued in books about houses of a slope.

We try not to think of domestic spaces. On the contrary, we take as a point of reference works of engineering, motorway intersections, changes of direction. We proceed from generic solutions to the problem of descending, solutions that conceal great plasticity. We seek the poetic in all that seems to have been considered from the merely pragmatic point of view.

axo diagram

The result is the literal construction of a use diagram. In this instance, form does not follow function, but is instead function itself. Cyclical movement, routine and surprise turn into a way of living.

Its formal complexity offers the possibility of reaching all points of the house through two different routes, which multiply the possibilities of use and enjoyment. It has the form of a loop, 360º, like the shapes skaters make, like of gymnasts, as artistic as they are precise.

© David Frutos

An extreme shape, the house is curved, generating the greatest quantity of linear meters towards the good views. It is shored up in the landscape and turns back on itself, completing the revolution. The degree of intimacy increases as the distance to the ends increases. At the midpoint, a mediatheque, isolated and completely dark, 100 % technology, 0 % landscape.

floor plan

With a single gesture two ways of moving are generated: going down and looking outwards. The long house, a sinuous movement, a descent by ramp and ample turning radii tangential to the setbacks of the plot of land generate a panoramic vision. The short house, the quick way in a straight line, stairs of direct descent and a deep view towards the landscape.

© David Frutos

A building that is black outside, absorbent, of slate, a material specific to the location, imposed as an aesthetic specification of the area. White inside, reflective, generic, neutral, and luminous. Life incorporates colour, outside with the vegetation and inside with the people.

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  • alejandro

    why don´t make a roof terrace? seems space wasted

    • http://vigilantwoodworks.com/ vigilantwoodworks.com

      Right now the roof screams “skateboard” or “mountain bike” to me. Seems like the perfect house for an extreme sports enthusiast.

    • rokan barazi

      shi b5ari mnak w mno

  • sullka

    You know, I think architecture is about “spaciality”, specially at this scale (housing), while I do recognise the “unconventionality” of the project, this deisgn approach seems it disregards completely the interior spaciality of the house.

    In other words, while the house looks “cool, different and cutting edge” from the outside, the (only) 3 pictures from the interior show us some pretty sad and depressing spaces.

    It’s like when you’re a kid seeing a huge gift wrapped box and you’re all excited about it, but once you open it, its just a shirt or something.

    • Ferdinand

      The house is not finished yet!!
      That is the reason because you see the interiors so poors…

      • sullka

        Exactly my point Ferdinand, if you need art hanging on the walls and designer furniture in it so it doesn’t look “poor” it’s not architecture. It’s prescisely at looking at the “raw space” where you appreciate architecture.

        Again, my 2 cents, at the end of the day if the clients are happy that’s what’s all about, it’s private and not public.

  • knuckles

    I agree they have tried very hard to come up with an appealing and visually stimulating facade, but when you view the interior space and poor detailing it starts to fall apart as a piece of architecture, big dsiappoinment for something that could have been spectacular.

  • artrihamdani

    I adore its fantastic geometrical form. But inside, It only give the owner an empty spaces.
    And it’s more like a museum/gallery than a house..

  • igor

    It`s a spinning house with long and boring coridors (composition and the facade material remainds me on a serpent skin).
    It could be better solution with glass facades on both sides and the garden (or terace) in the center of spinning form.I belive that those ideas can give same sense and more usefulness.

  • jacque

    Very ‘studenty’, very poor spaces.

    • Dr. Thomas

      ‘Studenty’ ? Maybe this house is too much radical and modern for your way of understanding Architecture.
      I really love this cut-edge way of thinking buildings, that intends to create new ways of living in, instead make an addition of ‘proper’ interior spaces.

      • jacque

        ‘Create new ways of living’…YEAH?

        Who wants to live in an endless corridor?

        The only thing radical about this project is the poorness of spaces.

        It is studently, like something a first year would dream up in an attempt to be radical.

        If this is ‘modern’ and a glimpse of the future, give me the past my friend.


        F for FAIL.

  • Fabio

    Alejandro is right. The roof could easily become a wonderful terrace and that really kills the project.

  • rouan

    Yeap I agree as well…that curved roof space is quite banal really, not a place Id want to walk barefoot on a hot summer day. It would have been quite spectacular as a green roof, now its somewhat stuck looking like an overpass.

  • http://www.airbagging.com Adrem

    Worse than the roof it’s the floorplan that is killing me. I agree with the negative comments, even if the concept is interesting.

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  • http://www.globenewswire.com eltonyi

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  • arnold

    very sculptural house. nice Idea, but people, who will live in this house are CRAZY :-).

  • Fiver

    HA. This looks like a less successful adaptation of one of my Arch400 student’s projects.

  • Rowan

    Excellent shots of this unfinished and unconventional house… it’s a very smart piece of Architecture. Want to see MORE interior views!

  • http://twitter.com/nicholaspatten/status/12090472996 Nicholas Patten

    I'd Live Here: 360 House. http://bit.ly/dajftr

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  • Bruce

    An interesting sculptural form… but how sustainable can this be with an exterior surface area so substantial compared to the interior volume of space enclosed?

    I’m not convinced that this form took best advantage of the sloped site, the views afforded and privacy concerns, while I will grant that the shape and solution are interesting and challenging to one’s conventional thinking of a house.

    The long corridor never seems so long due to the curved shape and being broken up by the media or living area at its mid-point; but what are the views like from the spaces where most time is spent during daytime hours? What is the relationship between the kitchen and dining area? What is the sense of entry like, and the view from the kitchen/dining area to the living area near the pool? Unfortunately the lack of interior photos of that part of the house leave too many questions unanswered.