Loft Clauwaert / adn Architectures


Architects: adn Architectures
Location: Brussels,
Project Team: David Henquinet, Nicolas Iacobellis, Didier Vander Heyden
Floor area: 100 sqm
Project Year: 2008-2009
Photographs: adn Architectures

floor plan

The challenge was to furnish a 100 sqm space “casco” in a spirit “loft” , within a tiny budget. In order to preserve crossing spaces and to bring depth into the views, the idea was simple: to insert all the technical and functional elements in a piece of furniture, placed itself all along the side wall. Then, we put a central volume (bathroom) in the middle of the loft. To this one are grafted a designed furniture (as a Hi-Fi corner in the living room, a desk and a library) which induces separation between two distinct spaces (bedroom on one side, office/guest room on the other).

© adn Architectures
© adn Architectures

There is also a concept of modularity via a large sliding door over all the width of the apartment, making it possible to close and open spaces. As conclusion, the room is raised by a estrade, which confers to him its own space statute in relation with the other places of the loft. Thinking at the economy, grounds and ceilings are left rough as such without any modification. The will is to offer an installation of furniture which organize the space. This space wants to be sober, purified, emphasized by specific keys of color and the texture of the existing ground.

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  • KDS

    Dumb question, but where’s the entrance to this unit?

    • marcela

      is it the reason why it is empty?

    • César Castro

      I was wondering exactly the same thing.

  • Michael

    You are born inside it.
    Haven’t you seen THX 1138?

  • Victor

    This is Seth Brundle’s house. And that is not a shower!

  • nardev

    you enter fireman style down the pole in the center of the apartment

  • Polina

    Seriously, where is it?
    Nice fit out though.

  • igor

    Beam me, Mr.Spock!

  • dados

    This is bothering me… The lower window in the living room is drawn differently than the others, like it is a sliding door or something.. maybe that’s the entrance?

  • JC

    to answer your questions:
    entrance is on top right corner if you look at the draw. You enter by the nice terrasse
    Empty? Right, photograh like to clean up mess before they shoot ;)
    Where? It is next to the South Station in Brussels.
    Sliding door? Yes, there is one just in the middle, separating kitchen/living room of the bedroom side.
    Hope I answer all your questions

    • marcela

      many tks, JC. beyond all this, it’s a nice project.