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House in Tinos / mX Architecture

  • 01:00 - 30 March, 2010
House in Tinos / mX Architecture
House in Tinos / mX Architecture, © Elias Handelis
© Elias Handelis

© Elias Handelis © Elias Handelis © Elias Handelis © Elias Handelis +13

  • Architects

  • Location

    Tinos, Greece
  • Architects

    mX Architecture / Emmanuel Choupis
  • Project Managers

    Romain Braida and Maud Henriot
  • Civil Engineer

    Nikiforos Delasoudas
  • Budget

    $300,000 Euro
  • Project Area

    110 sqm
  • Area

    210.0 sqm
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

From the architect. The land is located at the northwest edge of Hatzirados village on the Cyclades’ island of Tinos in the Hellenic Mediterranean. It contained vestiges of previous stonewall vernacular tissue including characteristic elements such as a wine press and a stone oven.

The aim of the project was to erect a contemporary house within a traditional frame. The naturally sloping site has been sculpted in to three ‘plateaus’ following a decreasing height ascension rhythm. Residential uses occupy the entire terrain’s area. The existing tissue is preserved and enhanced to form the design’s pattern, an alternation of built up and void areas. Solid volumes are shaped as archetypal cubic prisms: tower, ‘slab’, block. They are positioned in order to complete the urban environment, the tower, for example, marking the village’s angle. The connection of the whole is ensured by open space continuity throughout courtyards and patios.

© Elias Handelis
© Elias Handelis

Inspired by the typical use of local “cells” the prisms house three bedrooms, with en-suite bath spaces. Each one has a distinct view according to its shape or position: vertical for the tower regarding the sky, diagonal for the slab towards surrounding crests, panoramic for the block viewing neighboring ‘plateaus’. The collective life area –living and dining room, open kitchen- is unified and sheltered on the central level, allowing autonomy to the satellite “cells”.

© Elias Handelis
© Elias Handelis

Continuing local materials and construction high-quality expertise the vertical locally sourced natural stone masonry walls provide support to the horizontal raw-faced in-situ concrete roofs. Interior and exterior floors are finished in cement allowing all horizontal surfaces to present an identical aspect. The openings of the building are created from the disposition of structural elements, differing according to their orientation and filled up with natural wood, glass or marble panels.

© Elias Handelis
© Elias Handelis

The thermal inertia of masonry and concrete structure, massive and closed on the north faces, acts as a ‘heat sink’, slowing the rate of temperature change in all interior premises enabling them to be cooled without mechanical refrigeration. Further, the existence of openings on two sides of every interior space allows its manually controlled physical ventilation.

© Elias Handelis
© Elias Handelis

The attenuation of inner/outer bounds extends every inhabitable space and intensifies space continuity. The design of a built-up table in the focal gathering point of the house accentuates that sensation as well as the layout of the flooring joints.

© Elias Handelis
© Elias Handelis

The incorporation of a stretch of water at the center of the habitat, beyond cooling and leisure purposes, serves several meanings: founding a circular movement course, suggesting the ‘agglomerating around water’ generational scheme of Tinos villages’ and offering a natural reflect plan at the work’s architecture.

© Elias Handelis
© Elias Handelis
Cite: "House in Tinos / mX Architecture" 30 Mar 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed . <>
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Patricia · January 10, 2014

is the tinos house for sale - would be interested - GENUINE

Victoria Koumaridou · August 28, 2012

House in Tinos / mX Architecture | ArchDaily via @archdaily

nimarc · March 16, 2011

great job-well done-I really love sustainable theme and spirit of your idea-I appreciate that.I love to see that space at night and your lighting idea's too

kensuke sahara · December 07, 2010

House in Tinos / mX Architecture | ArchDaily via ???????????????

kensuke sahara · December 07, 2010

House in Tinos / mX Architecture | ArchDaily via @archdaily???????????????

Shaneil · April 02, 2010

this is quite nice

claudem · March 31, 2010

thick walls on the northern side?
aint the sun shinin on the sothern side?

mX · April 01, 2010 01:15 PM

the principle is (refering to "Socrate's grave") that heat is coming through openings on south side under the form of solar radiation and is stored in the walls on north side. That heat is given back during the night ("warming it") and walls become cold. During daytime "cold" walls allow to refresh the house by absorbing heat, therefore establishing a natural permanent cycle...

Dimitris · March 31, 2010

Great work! Bravo! I love the conjuction between old & new.

mX · March 31, 2010

thanks to Rick, Felipe, Vasstath, Kostas, Michael & Squidly for your fine appreciations

squidly · March 31, 2010

Very nicely done. i especially appreciate the incorporation of the "ruin" without resorting to cliches. This is architecture at its best, without having to depend on alien forms or materials for the sake of "exploration".

Michael · March 31, 2010

Beautiful, thoughtful project.
It's so refreshing to see a contemporary home that's not an ostentatious pile of crazy materials on a giant block of land.
Really well done.

kostas T · March 31, 2010

I agree with the insulation issues especially with the concrete slab for a roof. I am not surprised with the cost as there are plenty of stone walls(good work) and from the look of it I can see that it must have been an unconventional building to work with. Breaking rock costs. Bringing electric to the site costs around 1000 euro per post. Actually it is not just a house built but a site sculpture as well. To me it sounds just about right.
What does 300.000 buy you for example in London? An one bed flat in an average area and possibly in a run down house.
IKA stamps are the same as paying national insurance contributions. Instead of someone paying the tradesman and then the tradesman pays his stamps the government collects in advance and makes sure the stamps are paid. Nothing wrong with that, is there anywhere else this does not take place? Greece is expensive because of the strict earthquake laws. Plus there are too many middle men chipping away at the budget.
I live on an island too, materials are more expensive because of transport costs.

xico mendes · March 30, 2010

where's the insulation.... half a meter masonry wall does not provide enough - $342m2 is still too much for this project but Greece is VERY expensive and typically this includes insurance for the workforce

Michael Baugus · March 30, 2010

Great use of local materials. House in Tinos / mX Architecture.

?-Jesus · March 30, 2010

RT @carlbert83 mi contribución al #martesdearquitectura aunque soy arquitecto web jaja: gracias apoyar es lo que cuenta

carlbert · March 30, 2010

mi contribución al #martesdearquitectura aunque soy arquitecto web jaja:

vasstath · March 30, 2010

Very good house. Pleasant to live in, calling you for a real life. Built in a beautifull part of the Earth (Greece). Very good photos.

Home Decor News · March 30, 2010

House in Tinos / mX Architecture #architecture

gosiap (????) · March 30, 2010
Arch Daily
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House in Tinos

Thiago Pontes · March 30, 2010

Integração total com a paisagem! - @archdaily: House in Tinos / mX Architecture

xirclebox · March 30, 2010

House in Tinos / mX Architecture /cc @feedly

mX · March 30, 2010

Client doesn't wish to analyse budget/cost. Though, effective cost suits budget considering effective built area 210sqm according to projects concept, operational costs, survey and no road access for the works.

Trevor · March 30, 2010 07:19 PM

So essentially the 300,000 also went into covering re-sculpting the site and building infrastructure. That makes more sense than this building costing $342 per s.f. :)

EDP Jax · March 30, 2010

RT @archdaily: House in Tinos / mX Architecture

Assis Haubert · March 30, 2010

RT @archdaily: House in Tinos / mX Architecture << #architecture

Rouan · March 30, 2010

I Like it. My only comment is that Id like to know what the actual construction cost was. Im sure the budget was heavily undercut - 300 000 seems a lot for a 110sq house so from the looks of it this house must have cost a lot less than that. If not then something's wrong.

Rick S. · March 30, 2010

Very, very good. Congratulations.

Felipe Goes · March 30, 2010 06:02 PM

Great house !


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© Elias Handelis

提诺斯的住宅 / mX Architecture