House in Sde-Yizhak / GalPeleg Architects


Architects: GalPeleg Architects / Adi Gal + Amir Peleg
Location: Sde-Yitzhak,
Collaborator: Orit Gariani-Rozental
Total floor area: 240 sqm
Project year: 2008-2009
Photographs: GalPeleg Architects

The house is situated on a six acre agricultural plot in Sde Yizhak, a village in the coastal plain of Israel. The landscape of the area is fairly flat and anonymous with no special focal points. Planning in a vast, seemingly endless landscape, a rare situation in the densely populated center of Israel. Our design focused on the relationship between the house and the landscape, defining its space, while at the same time blurring the borders between the house and its surroundings.

site plan
© GalPeleg Architects

The house is placed on an imaginary axis running from the village to a focal point we created on the horizon. The main living spaces – living room, family room and kitchen are concentrated around the core of the house, an open patio facing the landscape. This patio connects these spaces and forms an outdoor living room, typical in Mediterranean architecture. We decided to place the master bedroom a second floor, creating a metaphoric attic connected to the house by an indoor and outdoor staircase with a terrace overlooking the patio.

© GalPeleg Architects

The building mass is deconstructed from a solid mass in the front into a punctured plane that folds round the northern edge of the house giving the house a different dimension from the one perceived during the approach. This plane draws a guideline of the house, creating a covered space mediating between the house and its surroundings and framing views of the agricultural landscape and the sky.

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        Why the personal attacks? he was just stating an opinion. makes me think you are somehow related to the architect…

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        if we in on israeli architecture what abute the new ron arad desing museum in hulon israel, it’s amazing.

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    I loved it !!!
    it seems like every little detail was considered.
    loved the way the light comes into the house.
    loved the patio !!

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    That is probably someones dream-house…
    Such clean lines, simple and complicated all together.
    The Architects did a great job on that one!
    I think a gardener should be considered though :-)

    Nice work.


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    any house can be someone’s dream house. if this someone is homeless..
    This project has one distinctive feature – it consists of two parts – the first (two-story) is as interesting as the other is boring.

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      why the rudeness? i’m not homeless and this house’s design certainly appeals to me, i love the simplicity – personally i’m tired of how overdone a lot of designs are these days. maybe not my dream home per se but it fits beautifully with the property

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        Leaving the ‘rudeness’ part aside, I don’t follow your logic.
        Your reply (“i’m not homeless and this house’s design
        certainly appeals to me”)would be logical if I wrote that _this_ house can appeal _only_ to someone homeless.
        But I wrote something entirely different.

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    A poorly executed throwback to bauhaus modernism. I’m afraid I agree with boxcutter on this one. Moving along, nothing to see here….

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    beautiful! amazing modern, wish people did the bauhaus throwback a bit more often – loved the light cut outs in the walls and roof over the porch, very clean and minimal

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    אני לא מוצא פה משהו מעניין מבחינה עיצובית חוץ מהפתחים בגג שהם נחמדים. בארץ אולי הבית מושך קצת את העין אבל כל בית ממוצע בשכונה טובה בארצות הברית נראה כך.

    אדי ואמיר,בהצלחה.

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    Every project has a context; restraints,challenges.
    Site. Budget.Purpose. Tastes. Time Frame. Materials.
    This is ever so important esp in the context of individual residences. So stop looking at every built form through ‘isms’ all the time.If you can’t be encouraging, don’t be condscending/rude.

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