Maison 51 / FABRE/deMARIEN architectes

© Stéphane Chalmeau

Architect: FABRE/deMARIEN architectes
Location: Bordeaux,
Project Area: 130 sqm
Budget: 180,000 Euros TTC
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Stéphane Chalmeau

The house is located in a central district of Bordeaux and occupies the maximum surface area authorized by town-council planning regulations. It is a parallelepiped with a façade of 8 metres, a length of 13 metres and a height of 6.5 metres. The central part of this volume is empty and linked to the street by a porch that shelters the parking area.

ground floor plan

This empty space is designed to allow natural lighting and ventilation of all rooms despite the compactness of the house. Views through the to the rooms and passages of both floors make perception of it more complex and interesting. It also becomes an additional outside room when the weather is fine.

© Stéphane Chalmeau

The façades have openings with different characteristics depending on their location: French windows with metal balconies installed on the street side, sliding frame with glazed apron on the patio and garden sides, windows for smaller rooms, sliding frames on the ground floor around the patio and access to the garden.

© Stéphane Chalmeau

The house is entirely constructed in coated masonry, the joinery is in aluminium and the floors in synthetic resin.

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  • Frix

    Is this that interesting to be shown here ??

    • reger

      The answer is NO.

    • Mad

      I like it – a lot. The combination of natural light and open, outdoor privacy is something you don’t see all that often in small houses. Were it not for an arthritic hip that makes going up and down stairs a pain (literally), I’d certainly live in it.

      • Frix

        You’re saying that because of illusion produced by oversized FOV photographics ; it must be about 120° or more on these views, I don’t think you would feel the same with your 60°’s one.
        What is said about elevation is true for the plan too; poor work on proportion between patio and interior.
        I’m still wondering why this terrible thing laid in an architecture blog…

    • uyyu

      NO, it’s not.

  • Albert

    (°_°) ? the smile in the elevation

  • Zane

    The street elevation is terrible, very little attention to proportion and rectilinear relationships make the street facade bland, and of no energy.

  • squidly

    A well done, simple urban house lacking in the bullsit usually required to be “noticed”. i find its straightforwardness refreshing and disagree completely with the comment about the facade. The composition, with large opening pushed off into the corner, disrupts an expected symmetry set up by the upper level windows and allows for the horizontal window below, which imparts a quiet dynamism in proportion with such a small project.

    • Frix

      to squidly: Francine Fort get out this body!!

      • panda

        Who is Francine Fort??

  • patient soul

    so here we see a decent house which attracts to its simplicity and two gentlemens fighting each other .. one means to say that the other gets aroused to the dramatic dressup of a hooker .. and dosent feel the passion of simplistic beauty .. but the other cant change ..its his nature .. and thats all bring ‘im different ‘ thing in us bravo u two

    4 me the design is bent on proving few things

    1) living together
    2) living with the nature
    3) living good without excessive expenditures
    4) maintaining well, what you can ! with just your earning than mortgage

    hope this is also a part of every dwellings planned 4 which a artitect is ever called up not just 2 share his bling bling ..

    ne wayz i like this post as it inspires me a lot .. of a money worthy dwelling .. hope im not hurting .. pplzz who have exotic tastes ..

  • tired

    Looks like a child drew a courtyard house. I love simplicity but this is just inept.

    • squidly

      How is it inept?

      • tired

        Just in plan, section, elevation and the relationship to the larger site. The courtyard, in relationship to the interior spaces, is poorly proportioned and takes away from the spaces instead of adding to their interest and complexity. The photography is exemplary, bravo wide angle lens.

  • Ambra

    H A R M L E S S + B O R I N G
    & cute (which is an insult)

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  • Lee

    i really don’t think this lovely little house deserve such a strong criticism. cute tiny home, not more, not less. i am personally very happy to see it here on archdaily.